Working With You, For You.

if you are ready
When relaxation meets enthusiasm and minds finally meet their magic.

Lisa Marie Life Coaching delivers the very best in co-self development, offering guidance and support to the local and wider community, online or offline.

Our Services include, One to One Coaching Sessions in person, or through skype or call if preferred. Delivering Student Mentoring, Guided EFT Meditations, Wellness Tea Parties, Life Changing Group workshops and Workplace Wellbeing Workshops. All of our experiences are designed to Raise Confidence, Reduce Stress, Reach Goals, Rid Fears/ Phobias and Replace negative Beliefs.

If you want to jump straight into these services for more details, click here for business, here for Skype or callshere for one to one, here for students and here for charities. Last but not least, our lovely get-together’s, click here for our monthly themed tea parties , or alternatively check out our upcoming events and offers here or you could have your own friends and yourself ‘create your own time space’ with a Life Changing Group Workshop.

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You have seen what we offer, but what is it that we are really offering?

We can help you gain the confidence you need, to make the changes you want, fast.
Neuro Linguistic Programming can effectively make lasting shifts in view of our own abilities, complimenting personal and professional growth.

We can show you great ways to keep your cool and relax, how to solve challenges quickly and effectively and how to stress less. Emotional Freedom Technique can easily bring us into a state of calm and clarity which can last, allowing you the opportunity to find resolutions for frustrations.

We get specific about the goals you want to reach, we plan them, we visualise them, we bring them to life. Creating our own Symbols to meet goals is like using a magic spell upon our unconscious mind. Bringing to light your own resources and acting with them.

The fears that are in your way will be gone when you start working with Lisa Marie Life Coaching, we will use time tested methods and break through energy & positive psychologies to remove these barriers once and for all.

The thoughts you have about yourself will end now, no more believing you are not good enough, it is time to accept that you are and see things differently.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy gives us the opportunity to look at our thought patterns and have brave new adventurous outlooks.

Lisa Marie is ready to work with people who have realised they have much to learn if they want to change their lives for the better. Offering a one to one session reinstalling confidence in a specific area; for example driving lessons, exams, job interviews or giving lengthier support to build a foundation of self understanding, acceptance and reliance which supports you in all areas of life.

If you are ready to challenge yourself, your beliefs and go on a search to find out how to get the very best of yourself, you are in the right place. Lisa Marie is dedicated, passionate and ready to serve you, if you are ready to serve yourself and open to being the best you can be.

Lisa Marie pulls no punches in blending the right amount of compassion and care, with honesty and ideas to move forward, not everyone will be able to rise to this kind of coaching as progress and development is our goal. If you are willing to move forward and explore new realisations and ways of being then we look forward to bringing you the results that you truly deserve.
Feel free to check what past and present clients have to say here.

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