My Kind of Thought Therapy


This is a brief introduction to the therapies, tools and techniques we will be exploring on this site and the ones I use with my clients.  Life coaching differs from Counselling as it is goal orientated and very future and present focused, that is not to say the past is overlooked and no counselling skills are used, in many ways the past can help us identify areas in which we can make the future brighter.
However, Life Coaching to me is about desire, it is about finding out exactly what we are great at, what we want to be great at and where we want to go and then getting specific about meeting those goals. It is about getting excited and planning the future of your dreams.

The therapies I use will be;


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is about setting goals and changing the way we talk to ourselves, internally and externally. We will learn how to override our negative thinking and use the skills of mood creation and gratitude to set ourselves happier emotional states. The definition of Cognitive is the act of knowing/perceiving, in this sense Cognitive as a behavioural therapy changes the way we view things, challenging what we think we know, especially about ourselves.


Neuro Linguistic Programming is ‘how we make sense of the world’, Neuro is the nervous system (the mind) which takes in all the sensory information around us, like taste, hearing, touch, sight and smell. Linguistic is the language and nonverbal systems that give us the images we have for the communications we make. Linguistics is how we code the information brought in through the senses. Programming is the patterns we have already made, and the ones we can make. We can even wipe over old programmes with new ones. When we say the word green, each person will see a different image, shade and even feel and hear different sensory input. By understanding how we ‘make sense of the world around us’ the possibilities are endless.

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping is the baby of Thought Field Therapy and uses acupuncture points, the main points being called the meridian points, by tapping on these points and using phrases we can relax our bodies, our minds and realign our energies with the energies around us. On an atomic level, we are a bunch of buzzing atoms, and sometimes our energy fields can become blocked, by unblocking these energies, we can heal our minds and bodies. We can identify illnesses and even get rid of aches and pains we have suffered for years.


Man is known as the symbolic species and from cavemen to admen, the image has been more powerful than the word. If we attach symbols to our goals, we can give them a power that will appear almost magical.

I hope to have peaked your interest and really look forward to you visiting this site regularly. I will be sharing the books I love, the Coaches I admire, the Vlogs and Blogs I adore. I will re-post articles that I think are amazing and generally share my excitement for our body and mind.


Time to Awaken!


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