Feeling Gratitude Personally

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There are journals, apps, trees, walks, all sorts of magic tricks to help us feel grateful.
Why? Because gratitude is now seen as a life skill, a very, very important life skill for easing discomfort of mind, body and soul and is on the top of the positive psychology list.
Of course though, I would not just want to repeat to you a bunch of gratitude exercises that you can find all over the internet, that would be a poor service to you, however I shall explain something that I think needs adding to our list of thanks, something very personal, ourselves.
The more I go through life I often find one massive thing in common with my fellow human kind.
They do not think that they are good enough, or they believe that other people do not think that they are good enough, and therefore by default, do not feel good enough.
These feelings of inadequacy can have an impact on almost everything that we do. Everything we engage in, and get into is almost half done, because how could we put in that extra effort if we do not believe we even have it? And imagine how great everything you touched could be if you believed you did?
How can we give it our all, if our all, is limited by our belief system?
My strategy for this is by using those gratitude skills, that open up our mind, body and soul to some delicious feelings that are truly ineffable and directing that intense emotion straight back at yourself.
For example, the regular gratitude exercise for example may be, look at a flower and appreciate its beauty, its colour, the different shapes within each curve, swoop and spiral, the texture difference within each part, from the stem to the petal, to the seed. How the light reflects upon it and changes the brightness of its shades, its smell and how it feels to touch. Related image
Now doing this feels good, it feels great to appreciate the form of beauty in front of our eyes, so how does this work with feeling good enough?
When you appreciate that beauty and are in the midst of that overwhelming rush of an inside out all over and around hug that being thankful brings, then add it directly to yourself.

I am grateful my eyes can see such a sight.
I am grateful my brain can interpret these images.
I am grateful my senses can smell this scent.
I am grateful my hand can pick up this flower.
I am grateful the sun shines onto this flower and my hands can feel the warmth of that glow.
I am grateful my fingers can feel the softness of the petals.
I am grateful my body is here to experience this beauty and feel this gratitude, what a pleasure it is to be able to feel like this.
My mind, body and soul are my blessing.
I am grateful for me.Image result for miracle

When you are thankful for yourself and see yourself as this great big magical miracle that you are, then feeling good enough is pretty simple and feeling inadequate is impossible.


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