Five Ways To Change Your Thoughts

Which of course then change your emotions, which change your behaviours, which change your life…

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Changing your thoughts is difficult because we have become accustomed to them, do we even notice them anymore? We may often be unaware of them whispering in our ear, but they do effect us everyday on a physiological level. I often say to people that when they are in the middle of a mundane task they may sigh. If you can detect this slump in your shoulders, this feeling of being fed up, like this is all just a bit draining, I can guarantee you, it is not the dishes, or the paperwork, or the ironing, or the whatever it is that you are doing. It is the fact that you have been doing it for so long you need not think about it anymore, so your voice can wonder fully and freely, and most of us then imagine the worst. We use our wonderful imaginations to punish us, hold us back, limit us and harm us. We will go over old memories that hurt, we relive points in our lives we regret, we store conversations that still sting us, we go over old ground and invent new morbid life scenarios until we slump our shoulders, we sigh and we feel fed up and drained.

Would you believe me if I told you that what we say to ourselves matters so much it can make our bodies weak or strong? I do a wonderful little experiment to prove this point in my ‘power of words workshop’, and the group will be amazed at just how much words effect our abilities.
So, let me get to the point, it would be awful of me to raise a problem without a solution, so here are my top tips on solving this.

Mindfulness: Notice when you sigh, slump or feel fed up. Ask yourself often, how do I feel right now? Then bring yourself into the moment, focus on something particularly beautiful and really enjoy it, discuss it in your head, they way it looks, the shape of it, the colour of it. Describe it as best you can, for as long as you can. This idea I find breaks the habit of your mind wondering where it wants, it is the beginning of taking control back of your own thoughts, instead of them being without direction.

Hypnosis or Guided Meditation: If you can find a hypnosis or guided meditation that you can listen to each night, do so. You tube is full of videos, so find a voice you like, which focuses on the thought patterns you would prefer, and sit back and relax. If you have a the ability to record your own voice saying exactly what you want (need) to hear. Then this would be great, as it will not only give you a more positive outlook, but it can also focus on the goals you particularly want to focus upon.

Repetition: Use Affirmations to slam dunk what you want to think about into your subconscious, say them, write them, watch them. I often make mind movies for clients with their own affirmations and scenery that works just for them. As well as using symbols to really get the new thoughts going. I also make word searches that only contain positive words, to lift us up and change our inner self talk to a more positive one. The thing is, we have acquired a dictionary in our own minds for living, and it needs to be shaken up and stirred, so it can settle with a few more motivating, positive words and phrases so we can keep that shoulder slump at bay.

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Energy Psychology. Using EFT Tapping or Reiki is a great way to relax, unwind and realign those energy fields around and within us. After all you are just a load of buzzing atoms, and as Tesla said ‘If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’. Again you tube has some great self healing Reiki meditations as well as some great Tapping introductions so you can learn the sequences easily and then put in your own phrases, like, ‘I know my thoughts wonder, but they wonder to beautiful places’. Once you learn to use affirmations, bringing them into self healing is super powerful.

New: When our brains come across new things it alters the wiring in our minds, we start making new neurological connections, which get stronger and stronger. So drinking orange instead of apple juice will help your mind to think differently. If you walk a different route, or if you shop at a different store. If you take a break from the old routine, your mind will find thinking differently easier, because you forced it to think differently through action, so then thinking in itself, is not so hard to do.

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Keep Your Thoughts Negative,
Because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words negative,
Because your words become your behaviour,
Keep your behaviour negative
Because your behaviour becomes your habits
Keep your habits negative
Because your habits become your values
Keep your values negative
Because your values become your destiny…


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