Waiting For The Right Time

When we decide to do something, we often think, well I should maybe wait for the right time, I will wait for when I am not so busy, or when the family doesn’t need me so much, or when I feel good enough, or confident enough, or ready, yes, when I am ready.
When it comes to learning ways of being to help yourself feel more confident, organise your busy life, or feel ready, there is no right time, it is kind of like waiting for the right time for anything, there isn’t one because chaos is always the one thing winning the place of ‘the right time’ because it doesn’t wait for sh*t, it proudly takes its place, unless you are going to use your miraculous mind to reign it all in.
Learning new ways of being, ways to help yourself isn’t hard, it is like anything at first, you just have to learn to let new in and be persistent. Okay then, so that is hard, the hard bit is, decided you want better for yourself and actively seeking it daily, and then putting to use the things you learn.
It is a lot harder than you think, but also a lot easier than you will ever know. Once you learn that your subconscious is like a treasure chest of a life you have not yet lived, you cannot help but play with it, imagine being a little child who has just been given a box full of toys and sweets, well this is the gift of the unconscious mind to a person who wants more from life.
Here are a few little subconscious wonders to play with and help you explore more of your magical mind.
Image result for what you pay attention to you get more of
What you pay attention to you get more of it;
Write something down on a piece of paper, an object, living or not. Anything, just something that you are going to decide to notice over the next week, and every time you notice it, gently say ‘What i pay attention to I get more of’, your week will be full of noticing the item you have chosen, so much so, you will believe in miracles.
This miracle is your subconscious mind, you just decided to use it, and give it a shopping list. After doing this and seeing the proof in the pudding, how about making ‘what you pay attention to, you get more of’ matter, by simply asking your subconscious mind to look for the things you really do need. It wants to help you, so ask it.
Image result for you will be a failure until you impress the subconscious
your subconscious brain is literal and is happy to deliver your wishes so you have to give it a list, a list that is in the now.
I am organised.
I am ready.
I am learning new ways of being.
I am open to understanding new things.
I am giving myself the opportunities I deserve.
Your subconscious mind takes orders, so if your order is to ‘wait for the right time’ then that will be your action, waiting.
Image result for the first step towards getting somewhere is deciding you are not going to stay where you are
This is the hardest part of all, to get your subconscious mind on your side, all you have to do is decide, once you have gotten past this great big distraction of, ‘waiting for the right time’, you may have no idea what you have actually been waiting for. Your list was so big, so start small, play with the idea that your subconscious mind wants to support you and ask it, start talking to it, do not be afraid of it, it is not as dark and scary as we are lead to believe. It stores our memories and directs our actions. It is like a life long best friend who knows you better than you know yourself and is willing and wanting to make your life wonderful, but your conscious self just keeps getting in the way of how easy it can make your life. You need to reason everything, know the how and logically understand everything.
Your subconscious mind is the only thing that is ‘waiting for the right time’ it is waiting for your conscious mind to give it a list of things to do, to achieve and to get excited about. Give yourself a small goal and everyday, affirm it, ask for the things you need to help achieve it and take a deep breath and get going.
Related image
When we pull in our subconscious support it will be on the look out to help you reach your goals, it will see things that your conscious mind didn’t. You are absorbing more information in one millisecond than we could ever count, and because of this, we have to filter it, we have to take the chunks that are relevant to us, what is relevant to us is normally the same old sh*t, just a different day, why? because most of us just go along with what is on offer, we ask our subconscious for nothing more than what it can already see, and what it can already see, is the things it has always seen.
This is how we end up with limiting beliefs of what we can achieve, so try out a few little subconscious support techniques and open the magic of your mind up to the possibility that you can make miracles happen, instead of waiting for the right time, ask for it.

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