Vision Your Best to Be Your Best

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We hear a lot today about how we should visualise our best self into reality, but not many people back this up, and I am a nerd if ever there was one and wanted to help you all back this up with some great research which will help you explain to people why visualising helps us create our futures, and also keeps us living in the past.

Thomas Tutko discussed what he called ‘Living it’ in the eighties, in a book aimed at athletes discussing what is a growing discipline today ‘sports coaching and psychology’ he realised that our emotions are a driving factor in our performance and that our minds have a virtual reality going on, where we can twitch the muscles in our legs by imagining kicking the ball.

He asked his clients to re-live there very best, over and over.

 ”It’s like putting a tape into your brain, as you would with a computer,”

so you can revert to your very best at all times in action.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming we are asked to go to bed at night and instead of reliving all of the crap we have faced in the day and dwelling over the conversations and behaviour we do not feel went the best that day, we think of our best communications, we think of our best behaviours, because in this theoretical framework with proven time tested results, we then will be at the peak of our way of being. Because when we are are dwelling, we are then rehearsing being this peak behaviour, we are rehearsing being the best at our worst.Related image

When we are in an alpha state (highly relaxed often before falling asleep) we have what is called a ‘bridge to the subconscious’ although many therapies call for many states, I refer to the ‘alpha state’ as ‘your best mate’ because I like harmony, and the alpha state is a highly chilled out state where you get to use your conscious mind, to influence your subconscious mind, it is like your brain being complete, your conscious is asking your subconscious to work with it for an action.

Little did we know that most of us use our most powerful state of influential mind to continue embedding the behaviours within ourselves we dislike, when we could be using this powerful state of mind to relax and envision our very best self in.

Good luck day & night dreamers!

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