Building a Great Feeling With Anchoring

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Sometimes in life we face things that we may find a little daunting, the first day at college/university, a drive in a new area, new job, interview, the list of new places we could be and find ourselves a little out of our comfort zone are endless.

Here is a little trick called ‘anchoring’, it is an Neuro Linguistic Programming technique which is used to increase your feeling of confidence, safety or even relaxation.

If you have heard of ‘Pavlov’s Dog’, and the ‘Conditioned Response’ then this idea is not a stones throw away from it. As Pavlov conditioned the dogs mouth to water, he would serve the dog food whilst sounding a bell, soon the dog learnt that the sound of the bell meant food and its mouth would water, Pavlov had just triggered a conditioned response. A physical reaction to an environmental trigger.Image result for pavlovs dog

Anchoring, gives you the opportunity to be your own environmental trigger to release a physical response.

When you are at home, or in an environment in which you feel you can relax for a moment and carry out this simple exercise, then get yourself ready, sitting comfortable and breathe in deeply. Having already decided where you will apply pressure from your fingertips onto a body part (people will usually use there index and middle fingertips to gently push down upon a knuckle, or wrist bone, maybe even collar bone) you will begin the anchoring process.

  1. Breathe deeply and recall a time in your life where you felt safe and content, as the emotion rises within you and almost peaks, gently apply the pressure onto the point you have chosen.
  2. Take a moment to relax, blank out your mind for a moment, or if you can ‘white out’ all imagery, then do so.
  3. Breathe deeply and recall the same emotion, only this time turn up the colour and clarity of the memory, and again before peeking, gently apply pressure to the same spot.
  4. Take a moment to relax, ‘white out’ all imagery and take a few seconds before the next phase.
  5. Breathe deeply and remember a time when you felt confident, that you have achieved something you were very proud of, as that emotion builds within you, again gently press upon the same spot you had chosen.
  6. take time again to ‘white out’ all imagery and have a few seconds to relax.
  7. Breathe deeply and remember again the moment of confidence and pride, turn up the colour, the brightness and the clarity of the memory and just as it peaks, press gently on your chosen spot again.
  8. Again, ‘white it out’, take a moment to go for a cup of tea/water and whilst drinking your refreshment gently press again on your chosen spot and enjoy a flood of emotions that feel quite beautiful.

This anchoring technique is fabulous to have installed within you for moments when you are feeling ‘out of your depth’ and in need of rescue, it is a marvellous feeling to be your own hero!Image result for feeling great


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