The Top and Bottom of Belief.

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We could say that, all we could have that matters, is what we choose to believe. I say choose, because we all go through our days ignoring what could be valuable information, if we decided to acknowledge it. Put simply; If you were a computer and taking in all of the information around you, you couldn’t. The fastest computer in the world cannot keep up with one of our neurological pathways, let alone a brain full of them. The thing is there is so much going on that we only see, or hear, or feel, or think, or even taste or smell what we want to, or have been conditioned to.

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Yes, there is a world out there you have never explored and it is in front of you. Why do we always eat the same meals, take the same routes, do the same shit? Because it has become our world, our world is what is familiar to us, and not only do we subconsciously reject a lot of the world, we also consciously reject the world. Even though our bodies are hard wired for change, in every moment ongoing, we as human beings like to stay the same.

We have found our map of the world, and we will forever search for evidence that supports it, so if our belief is that we are useless, then guess what, we literally ignore everything that tells us we are not, both subconsciously and consciously our brain does not allow the information that contradicts our self belief to be heard, seen, felt, smelt or tasted. No way, because we are on full alert to reaffirm at all times that we are useless, and regardless of what is going on around us, we will find this belief.

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This then becomes our everything our base belief of ourselves, our lives, our moments and our worth, in our eyes and what we perceive to be in everyone else’s eyes. Oh, yes, if your base belief is that you are useless, then of course everyone else thinks it to, so you believe. They do not, in fact you can never mind read another person successfully because their belief systems are entirely different to yours. When you and another person look at the colour blue it is a different shade, perhaps subtly or massively different in shade, but dependant on the first blue you both ever recognised as blue, this becomes your scale of shade to judge other blues from.

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Now imagine that same idea using; feelings, or desires, and with every word we have ever spoken or heard, every object we have ever seen, this is the same (but different 😉 for everyone). This means you may never ever see the same blue that another person saw, because their first blue was a pattern made on a wallpaper in 1981, the factory no longer exists and that mix of blue has pretty much no chance of seeing the light of day again, his first blue is now an illusion in which he bases every blue from, and you never having viewed it, can never conceive of it.

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This does not mean one person cannot understand another person, but it certainly explains why we all walk around with the wrong end of the stick, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, so of course, I would never leave you with a great big pain in the bum realisation like this, it would be cruel.

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To open up your map of the world, choose to notice different things, get your conscious reality in on helping you look for new, appreciate things you do not normally and begin drawing or reading if you do not normally. Look out for something all week and count how many times you see it, like a yellow sun symbol, or a pink umbrella. Whatever you choose, choose what you would not normally, in fact go for something random. This is a great exercise to show you that what you pay attention to, you get more of.

Once you have acquired your new skill of spotting things, how about spotting other things, like things that make you feel useful, things that people say that reaffirm to you, that you are useful. Things that you feel like achievement, pride, accomplishment, look for these feelings in the smallest and biggest of challenges. Recognise that you do useful things, and soon your map of the world, your base belief system says you are useful, and believe it or not (pun intended) you will soon believe everyone else thinks you are useful to. Life is too short for staying the same, if the same is a pain in your ass.

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One thought on “The Top and Bottom of Belief.

  1. nice. it is a very busy world and getting louder. I agree, people don`t often stop and look and think. Enjoy the world around and look a little deeper beyond the typical structure of today! 🙂

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