Drown in your senses…

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Okay, So we often wonder around in this world avoiding something. Something is going on that we would rather not know about and because of this we keep ourselves hid away by deleting information.

So what do I mean by this? Well, there is so much going on around us all of the time we cannot possibly take it all in, so our lovely consciousness takes in familiarity and ignores things either because it is not necessary for this moment or because we purposely push it away for another day to protect ourselves.

As well as this we have a preferred sense which takes in most of the information, so our other senses are often unable to tell us things because it is not within our familiarity to listen. This means we are walking around like we cannot see.

On top of this you have a world of trade wanting to sell us a message and constantly bombarding us with signs, symbols and signals to make us ‘think’ their way, if only for a second, with movies, adverts, news, governments, healthcare…all of them ‘selling’ you an idea.

Mindfulness takes us to right now and here, it allows us a moments sensory overload where we can stop pushing things away and start letting them in. This is magic.

In that one moment where we decide to get to grips with the good sh*t, magic happens, our neurons start making new connections, they start making friends with other neurons that they have ignored, energy starts moving in our brains and you can feel it all waking up, like a tingly excitement, a massage and message from within.Quote -Morning, Wake up very euphoric and just chill. And smell that fresh air and hug the new day-  *Minutes#* image with beautiful image backgroundWe start to notice new things, we start to wake up and smell a new day. Because this small act of just letting the world in for a small mindful moment allows you the chance of new thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and ways of being.

If plodding along is getting dull, then start with one little mindfulness task a day, watching a candle flame and only allowing yourself the words that describe it in your mind. Notice pretty things and learn about them, what is that flower? Smell it, feel it, appreciate its beauty, trace it along your skin, DROWN IN YOUR SENSES.

But remember don’t stay in mindfulness, it helps you live a better life, so live one, don’t get sucked into the opportunity of just ignoring more stuff along the way, by only focusing on the moment. šŸ˜‰


Everyday we push the world away and wonder why we think it is against us…let it in.


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