The Power of Affirmations

I admit to using affirmations, and if anyone gets close to my own little office space they must either think I am mad or a genius, but surely these go hand in hand 😉
Yes, I practice what I preach and one of those things is the power of words, and how they effect your mind, body and soul.

As a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner , Affirmations are often called Neuro Associative Conditioning and this phrase can be traced to the one and only super enthused Anthony Robbins, who I must admit to enjoying the odd audio tape company of (in the days before mp whatjamajiggys), although I cannot admit to taking on board anything he said and practising it for long.Image result for nlp

However, around ten years ago, I began learning about emotional literacy and I came across other writings that discussed Affirmations and Metaphysics, I started using them and I quickly started opening my  mind up to something magical.

My internal dialogue transformed itself from one that was always worrying, anxious and putting me down to what that lifted me, my entire self talk had been given a new dictionary, and it was using it. I started to see opportunities instead of limitations, I started to believe I could achieve things instead of believing I was too stupid to learn.
This top down approach to new attitudes, changes your whole outlook and belief systems, if you do it consistently.

Emile Coue was a French psychologist born in 1857, who directed his patients to use ‘optimistic autosuggestion’. His idea was that we had an internal thought pattern and an external influence on our thought patterns and we could have a strong successful way of being if we changed our unconscious thought patterns through using our conscious mind to direct them.Image result for emile coue

A quote of his which sums up my work with others declares;

“I have never cured anyone in my life. All I do is show people how they can cure themselves.”

I always state that my clients already have the answers, but their world is so busy and their thoughts so chaotic they often fail to see what is too close, I simply point out the things they have missed that will strengthen their thought patterns and ways of being. I do not lie to my clients and buff them up unduly, I simply listen and then interject and highlight their strengths, and ask them to go home and highlight them further, using some great tools and techniques to get the messages where we want them to be, in the unconscious mind.

When I first began using Affirmations I was struck by a book called the game of life and how to play  it, although my spiritual beliefs differ from those of Florence Shinn, I felt her story telling blunt offering pleasing and still use her Affirmations today.
“I have a magical work, in a magical way, I give magical service for magical pay”, which is adorned upon my office wall.

From these ideas I have travelled far, but will never forget my fond beginnings into waking up my mind, body and soul to a world I had not, or was not ready to see before. I soon began watching documentaries and reading research which confirmed to me the ‘placebo effect’ over and over again and the simple message is clear, what we tell ourselves matters.

If we look at the research of  Bruce Lipton, showing us the effects of our thinking on our biochemistry, we can confirm the power of words/thoughts are not a myth but a massive influential factor on our health and wellbeing.Image result for bruce lipton the moment you change your perception

Our environment shapes us and ensures our growth. In today’s world which is chemically laden with toxicity, from our foods, to air, to water , radiation, to the soil under our feet, we need to, now, more than ever before, fight back with great thoughts, and then the rest, eating well and exercising will follow, you can even add the behaviour changes you desire into your own Affirmation list, just like I do.

Here are my latest goals in their Mind Movie, I add behaviours I want to adopt, feelings I want to cherish and reminders of how I want to think.





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