The Power of Words/Thoughts/Visions/Feelings! In Essence The Power of You…

I often take a while to learn something, alike us all. We go from deciding to learn, trying to learn, taking something in, then finally grasping. Often I will go all the way through my modules, my assessments/assignments/exams and even hold my degree/diploma in hand. Surely I should know what I should know? I just passed and have a shiny certificate, surely I know what this piece of paper says I know?

I will be honest with you, until I was a year past my first degree I do not think it was fully soaked into me, of course I have dyslexia, but still. I think learning is rushed in education, and the real learning is only done when you have time to, not learn.

I have found that this is entirely the case, that when your mind rests it can finally absorb what it is attempting to understand. This is why if you are in education of any kind just now, you should listen to your mind and body. When it wants to give in and sighs, walk around the room, drink water, doodle, let your brain connect the dots and press save. If you push past this feeling of ‘argh!’ then you risk deleting your last hour of learning. Your brain learns only when it is not learning.

Anyways, sidetracked from my point. My reason for putting hand to type was this; today I got a letter from my sons dentist he has to have some work done.
As I was reading about the anaesthetic, my mind made an association, a feeling that went with these words, as I am finally getting to grips with the learning and knowledge I hold upon the power of our words/ thoughts/ visions/feelings I allowed myself to fully go with the suggestibility of these words and let them trigger within me the feelings that I had associated with them so far. My mouth began to feel numb at one side, and my teeth felt hard, of course I know they are hard, but I was aware I could feel them as hard when biting them together, I fully allowed this feeling of numbness, and hard odd teeth to take over and after a while my mouth felt like it had, had work done.

I am now noticing when I am easily pulled into suggestibility, and it is fabulous, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to numb my mouth today, although before now I have only used suggestion for reasons of positive wellbeing and to share this understanding of how our words and thoughts make us feel with people to help them feel good, confident, able and happier, still it was quite a come to such a massive understanding of something so simple. We trigger our physical selves constantly with thoughts that tune into emotions.

There are many moments in a day that you are open to having your emotions and physical well being put into the hands of others, today it was my sons dentist or his receptionist that typed the letter. I understand that I let myself go with it to a degree I had not before, this was because I consciously finally understood fully how suggestion works. Subconsciously we let ourselves go with many feelings emotionally and physically that have been suggested to us, not by us, everyday, what I teach is that we should choose.

Be our own ‘suggester in a world of suggestibility’.  I may be saying what I often say only in a different way, but this in itself is grand enough for me. The more ways I can explain this simple yet hard to live by concept, I can help others see that our thoughts have a massive impact on our well being.

Think before you Think 😉


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