New Years Resolutions & Goals. Change Your Dictionary, Change Your Life!

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Okay, okay, so most people will be giving you tips at the end of this year about how to make next year better. So the first thing I would suggest is by not say that last year was totally useless, I would look at the last year and make a list of all of the bad ass sh*t I did, where that bad ass sh*t required confidence, stamina, imagination, problem solving skills, and your strengths will flash in front of you like a beacon. You see, you cannot go into next year, with the attitude of, last year was useless, you were useless, 2018 will be better, how vague is that? What is better?
Image result for pen paperWe need details! We need images, we need your self approval, if you could not approve of yourself last year, how an earth can you this year? So, get that paper and title it.

My Bad Ass Moments of 2017!

Then you write next to each item, what you had to do to get them. Like, being enthusiastic, because you were, being determined, because you were, being great, because you were, being open, because you were etc

Then you have just told yourself your capabilities, you have got yourself on side. You have called your little army of bad ass’s up and said, ‘attention please’ we need you again, we have a mission, and your little ‘enthusiastic bad ass’ is like, yeah, lets do this. Little ‘determined bad ass’ is like ‘ready Sir’, and so on.

All of that amazing miraculous neurology that wired together last year for completion, achievement and confidence, they will get those little bulldozers and move everything out of the way, and make your neurological motorway a clear road to drive through, and they will say ‘energy flow this way’, this is where we are going.

Because if you don’t you are trying to achieve something through a neurological pathway of defeat and misery of branches in the roads, freaking herds of sheep, just sitting having a picnic in your way, blizzards and hailstones the size of kittens just whacking you in the head and back to back lorry’s in front of the worst roadworks you could ever imagine.

You see when we tell ourselves we have hard work ahead, then our body and mind prepares such a feeling and puts it on the subconscious shopping list, ‘pay attention to difficulties ahead, look out for problems, stalls, weaknesses and worries’, ‘yes sir’ says your chemistry and energy, ‘yes sir’, detect sh*t ahead Sir, thank you Sir’.Related image

If you want to change your life, you have to change your dictionary. You have to reach for goals from that feeling place of achievement, of I can, I have, not sighing and and saying, ‘I am not going to do this, I can’t do that, I don’t want to be  this….’

Your imagination has more power than your will, I will say that again, your imagination has more power than your will.

If you say, I don’t want to do that- your visual image is ‘that’, if you say this year I am going to do more of ‘this’, then your image is that. If you imagined the ‘this’ after making your list of how bad ass you are, you have a very high chance of getting into the race and seeing yourself run through that ribbon at the end.Image result for dont think of an elephant

If you sit down, tell yourself off, think for an hour about how crap stuff is, and then decide in one swoop, ‘I am done’ and try to change, you have used your will and not your imagination. You are going out there trying so hard to not think of elephants, when all you can see is a massive elephant in your way, it is the thing that smashed the freaking road up and started the roadworks on your neurological pathway, your motorway is jammed.

Your imagination goes forever, your will at some point gives in, because with you just using your old dictionary, it cannot complete the goal.

Sit and write down nice feeling words, write affirmations, imagine yourself doing the things you want to do in life, not the things you do not want to do.

If you notice unkind thoughts in your head that are not supportive, refocus them onto a quick gratitude list, or ask yourself what you achieved lately, and how that made you feel, because to accomplish, we want to be on the accomplish Neurol road.

I give my clients affirmations, affirmation videos, happy word searches, I tell them to write down happy words and create happy feelings, and the words in their head change. I recall one client who said people had noticed she had become saying fabulous all of the time, and soon everyone at her work was saying fabulous, and it became a part of their dialogue everyday.Image result for positive words

So change your words from, limited ones, from defeated ones, to inspiring ones, achievable ones, and they only way to do that is start using them, and the only way to do that is make your brain notice them, so write them down, and I promise you , it just becomes easier, because bit by bit, we are moving those lorry’s and seeing a clear motorway and beautiful scenery.Image result for positive words

If it is an addiction, have a swap image available, every time you think of the item you want, but no longer want to want, switch it for something you can have, so every time you think of it, switch it for something else, until something else comes to mind over it, and so on. You have to make yourself think it, and then your actions take care of themselves.

If you use your imagination, over your will, your actions will just follow their orders.

Enjoy 2018, use your mind as the miracle maker it was intended and start drip feeding your subconscious with a new dictionary that will open up neurological pathways that allow you the ability to achieve that change.

Last year was better than the year before, and this year coming will be even better than that, because in every day and every way, I am getting better all of the time. Try reading some Emile Coue and get your bad ass some self mastery x

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Much Love and have a ‘fabulous’ one x




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