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Walking around my offices their is a feel of warmth and luxury, in my one to one room, it feels secure, safe, friendly, calm and relaxed but with an edge of inspiration lingering. When you take a seat you will feel in control, you will also feel that I am in control, that together we can create something great in a very natural way.

Or at least this is my intended goal. When I refurbished my old roofers yard into what I believe a very beautiful space, I chose my colouring wisely. I went for golden walls to give a feel of luxury and worth to my client, I decided upon my images to be green and orange. The green to align a feeling of nature, of harmony and peace, a place to relax. The orange, like the sun is a creator, it gives you a glow of happiness whilst letting you know you can solve problems. My sofa is black, my radiators black, and a few little accessories black, to give us both authority and power in our transformational work together. The brown unit and twigs in the vase suggest stability, strength and protection.

There is an on mass perceived feel of colours, they are symbolic, movie makers use this and call it ‘film language’ whilst marketing men call it ‘subliminal’, we can set a tone and an overall feel with the colours we use.

When I go into my own little space, where my desk is and my administration duties, it is a white room, with a very light blue and white desk, with blue and pink accessories, there is also a multitude of colours, flowers and images, with a black book case. As I ran out of money when it came to my own little room, I had to make do with what was a bargain at the charity shops. Because of this I have lots of pretty little bits hanging around, giving me a ‘feel’ of blue and pink. Butterflies on the wall, local artists work which I love and a wall of affirmations. The colour pink is of unconditional love and receiving and nurturing. It gives thought to passion and success. It has the risk of red, with the purity of white, this is why it is the colour of love, because it is genuine in its danger, it goes out on a limb for good causes, so pink for me is having some ‘gentle balls’ if you like lol. The blue suggests to us peace, which is awesome when I look at my accounts and see that I am still not yet in the plus zone 😉 Blue is associated with intelligence and communication, when I am writing articles or putting together a programme or workshop then blue helps you learn and create. Related image

Blue is also carried through to my group room, as it suggests calm, integrity, honesty and is used in most learning environments, you will find a lot of schools take advantage of this learning colour, because it is used to attain trust whilst stimulating creativity. Blue assumes confidence and also deemed the most loved colour by all. I also have purple in my group room because I want people to question me, ask about what they are learning and feel comfortable enough to do this. I want people to feel that I am wanting to reach their mind and soul. Purple is a colour of mystery and spirituality, it asks us to see our own magic, whilst giving us a little feel of ambition.

My main aim in all of the work I do is that we understand our true power, that we see the miraculous mind we have and harness these tools of our body and mind.

Of course all of this on mass colour psychology can be flawed on a personal level, if you fell over as a kid in the biggest lump of dog poo ever seen, and had it scraped off of you with a pink flannel, then pink may have left you with a bit of a ‘shitty’ feel in the future, knowing your colour scheme can induce feelings of greatness though.

This is why when I make symbols, and mind movies for clients I ask them about how colours feel for them, what shade are their emotions, and i can then use this information to trigger feelings in them that can get them meeting their goals more easily.

The mind is fascinating and when we decide that our unconscious mind is just trying to help us out at all times, we can work with it to make life magical, your unconscious mind has only ever wanted to protect you and make you feel good, so tell it thank you and become its friend.

Below is a wobbly wobbly run through of my lovely little/big place, I do adore it there, although perhaps need to brush up on my movie making/editing skills…everyone loves a trier, right?



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