We Are Magical

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor.

When we ask ourselves questions we activate the problem solver within us. Many times we will say in our heads, ‘I don’t know what to do’ and we reaffirm our helplessness.
By simply changing our self talk to, ‘what do I need to do?, what resources do I have available to me, personal and material, to figure this out?’ We will start having ‘insights’, or should I say we will start accessing all of the information around us that we block out because we have told ourselves that everything is unworkable. Around you there is more information than you can physically and mentally assess, so your mind takes in as much as it possibly can, and then shows you consciously a very small amount of it. It shows you what you need to know, based on what you say you need to see.
So by saying, ‘I can’t cope, I can’t fix this, I can’t do this’ our mind will literally close off information that disagrees with this.
We close the doors to our own skills, abilities, and genius. And set a belief system that stops us solving problems, your brain is on your side, your thoughts are your PA, your secretary, your personal team, and give orders to your brain. Then your brain does its best to give you what you ask for, by showing you what you wanted to see.
Could you imagine going to fix a door, and you hid all of the best tools for the job and left yourself with a butter knife, because that is what we do, everyday.
What are you getting your secretary busy with?
Closing the doors to your dreams, or opening up every possibility it can see.
The most heart breaking thing is, you have had a bad relationship with your secretary for so long, when you learn how to use her right, you will be shitting yourself, because that means living up to who you can actually be, when you are used to doing everything with a butter knife, it is terrifying to pick up a powerful drill.
Make friends with your mind, it knows everything.
My partner has a sore throat and quite often swollen glands, he asks me for ‘healing’, this is where I give him a massage with nice oils, I go into a meditation, and relax him, using deep breathing and acupuncture, on his person and around it.
As I do this I get rapid images, and ‘sense’ what they are telling me, so the other day I saw a beautiful woman with butterfly wings, and then butterflies on cabbage leaves, then a flash image of my partner drinking green juice. So I say, you need to juice some cabbages I think. I go on the internet and find out cabbages are very good at reducing swollen glands, after two days of juicing he feels much better.
This story, can go either of two ways, either I had been given information from an angelic presence with butterfly wings who shared with me a vision or, I allowed myself to be quiet, I accessed all of that data held within me, that I take in and do not use, because I did not need it at that time, but did that day.
I believe that WE ARE MAGICAL, our minds are magical, and when we make friends with all of this awesomeness we have, then we get to access a stream of information within us that makes us in tune with the world in a beautiful, beautiful way.
We are all looking outside of ourselves for this miracle, when it is within us, we are it.
Think before you Think. Take time to be WITH yourself. Tune In. Be Amazing. Stop shitting yourself and being scared, because, what really scares you is becoming great, because that is uncomfortable, that takes hard work, that takes time, effort, energy, eagerness, the ability to learn, to fail, to be wrong and to keep trying, and you will have to face who you really are, and start ironing out those creases that have become hurdles in your life.
So, like I said, start by asking a question,
‘Who is my potential, and how do I meet them’?

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