Affirmations for Everyday Living With a Few Practical Tips

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Most people use Affirmations for great big grand things, not realising that your thoughts are like a keypad, your brain is like google, and your body is what you click on. So you have the thought, your brain gives out the orders in correlation to that thought and then your body acts towards accomplishing that order.

So people write down what they want, and turn it into an affirmation, they often ask for big things, big things take time, but using affirmations for the little things to helps the bigger things come easier.

Here are a few I like, and after each one I will tell you why I chose the language for them I did. or why I feel they are beneficial to our wellness.

“I can chose to feel calm, relaxed and at ease even in situations in which I have not before”.

The thing is, if we are fed up of raising our voice at our family, in working situations, with difficult times, because of our stress levels, then saying ‘I no longer feel stressed’ or ‘I can chose to feel relaxed and calm even when I have got angry before’ is remaining with the focus of what we no longer desire. Our desire is to focus on achieving calm, relaxed states when under pressure, but if we say this, we are focusing on the pressure we feel, and that word itself, lingers, along with the emotion it carries.

“I can reach better feeling thoughts”

Instead of saying that we do not like our internal dialogue, or that we are fed up with our thoughts, or we are chastising our-self because we realise our thoughts are often negative, dwelling and also a bully to our wellbeing, we can then dwell upon this. If you catch yourself having thoughts that are not realistic evaluations of current circumstances, in other words you are over exaggerating things, making moles out of mole hills or predicting future devastating events, as soon as you notice, clarify that you can simply choose to reach for better thoughts, no need to continue the negativity by being cross that you were being negative.

“I will make the choice to understand that creativity is just being able to use my imagination to be inventive”

I love this one because we often believe creativity is just a light bulb moment , or a painting on a canvas. Creativity is using our imagination to be inventive, and this affirmation allows us to understand that we can all access that genius within us to solve everyday situations, as small as what shall I cook for tea, to how should I juggle all of my to do list.

“I do chose to have a deeper understanding of many things, on many levels, this allows me the freedom to access solutions”

This affirmation is so open and generic that we are allowing our mind to look at everything as easy. That we are open to learning, that we are open to absorbing information, that we are allowing of information and that we can access it freely. It also gives us the idea that all of this is our choice because we used the word choose. So when we are out and about and we have to research something, or gain information and we feel inferior or intimidated, this affirmation allows us to step away from our self defences and openly submit to changing our minds, yes, that big scary word change!
If you want to learn, you have to change your mind, it really is common sense.

“I know that my thoughts can effect my feelings, and my feelings can effect my creativity, and that creativity in itself is the ability to solve things, so the first step to feeling better and solving any challenges I face, is to use my thoughts, to encourage better feelings and unleash my creativity”

To top of these lovely affirmations I have this final ensemble which pulls every other affirmation together nicely. It says creativity three times, and repetition is the key to any understanding, and order, and if I want anything to be on mind, any thought to be giving my brain an order, to send my body into action, it is the ability to use my imagination to be inventive, because then, I will never feel, and therefore be stuck, I will always feel free.

Hope this little affirmation tip set helped, why not try and create some of your own, paying particular attention to the words you use, to ‘create’ the feelings you want to feel.




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