Symbology for Self Development

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So why do I feel Symbology is important to self development?
Visual stimulus is a spoken language, symbols come under linguistics, and are used in the movies to portray feelings, pull up emotions. In life they are used to embody more than words themselves can. My symbol for Lisa Marie Life Coaching, is no exception to this idea. It contains three runes, on a wheel. Even though you do not consciously see, this as a rune wheel, your subconscious mind does.
The three runes it contains are:
Tyr: To me, this is the rune of victory, it says you will collect your ancestral inheritance, I see this as luck and support from our heritage, this appears in my logo design eight times, eight in numerology is the number of success.
Thurisaz: This means to most battle, a war then peace. People that come to me are facing challenges, so I want them to over come the thorn in their side. I see the thorn rune however, as a beautiful thing. We need resistance for life, we can not grow, move or become anything without a little push, a tyre needs a road to push against or it remains still.
Iar: the serpent, they key to enlightenment, in whichever mythological tale you seek, a serpent is our knowledge, it is our DNA, our truth.
The reason I joined them together as a bind rune, a wheel, is because I want people to seek me who are having troubles and I will help them use these troubles as a foundation for growth, victory and self enlightenment.
When I decided upon using runes and looked at others wheels and bind runes, it became clear many incorporate wealth into their design, this I had no desire to do.

My sole purpose in creating this role was to help people, and my logo design, my bind and wheeled rune says this beautifully.

symbology stuffs
This is one example of how I have used symbolgy personally, because of my pagan beliefs and my understanding of the power of visual language. Everywhere you go, you will see symbols, striking visual images and languages that portray a deeper meaning to you and to all, that the written word itself cannot convey.
So what is the difference between a symbol and a sign? A sign is information, an order, it is telling you what you need to know to follow the rules within a setting, or understand something quickly that will help you get/do what you need in a certain area. Like a toilet sign, or no entry.
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A symbol is different, it is a sign to the heart, it carries deep meaning, this is why logos work in the way they do. The one symbol carries a host of meaning, and engages parts of you, whether or not you are aware of it. This is why in movies they use colour psychology and semantics, to associate your entire being into their meaning, using hidden or subliminal language- symbology.
With clients I design images with them, I use them as emotional triggers for visualisations, and conditioned responses to positively heighten their emotional states during tasks, or feelings that are negative and causing them difficulty at a certain moment in time.
For example if you were to be in a position of feeling scared for a job interview, or a driving lesson, I would get some very unique information out of you with quick fire questions and then amaze us both with designing a symbol, physically or mentally, I often pop them on a key-ring, or teach people to envision symbols on for example, the chair you sit on for an exam, or the door you walk through, or as a button on the table.
These very simple emotional triggers, can be heighten by adding an NLP anchor to them, (a conditioned response through touch with associated feelings).
Your mind is such a valuable tool in portraying to you meaning- just in a simple shape.
The mind is beautiful, fascinating and a true marvel.
Make it your best friend x

Below is the image of a clients power symbol, which was created unique to him only, to enforce an emotional trigger, this is on a card in his wallet which he held when chanting affirmations and feeling intense gratitude, all he had to do was envision this symbol anywhere at anytime to pull on all of those high emotional feelings.

a symbol
This is what admen do, businessmen do, governments do, healthcare bodies do, all organisations do, to portray a feeling to you, of course, they do it with on mass feelings, for example a curves are deemed feminine, straight lines masculine and so on, just look up applied psychology in marketing.
I however, get your personal associations with symbology to create something that makes you feel powerful, confident, organised, calm, happy or grateful, the list goes on.
Symbology is mind magic, and the world is using it on you, to get what it wants, it is about time you joined in the game, your subconscious minds reacts almost 90% faster to a sign/symbol/ visual image that written information.
Also finding out about sacred geometry, the Fibonacci number and the golden ratio, shows that patterns are life, and everything is a mathematical miracle, and that as humans we seek patterns and make assumptions at all times, it is our natural way.
Booooooom!!! Be Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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