JUNG Love in a FREUDulant World.

Why does Jung’s beautiful quote adorn my main page, and why does one from Freud not?

Image result for until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate

Because Jung makes me fall in love with myself, with my fellow kin. He widens my search for life and embraces it with his view of divinity. He tells of how our unconscious mind drives our conscious and how we are magical, mystical and mindful.

Freud tells me that my subconscious is disgusting, that it harbours deceit, forbidden desires and memories which tortured me.

And although my subconscious definitely keeps my past traumas away from me, protecting mto hold me from harm, it certainly does not only hoard explicit sexual desires, although of course Freud would say that I am hiding from myself my darkest inner urges, but answer me this, our belief here is that we are all about survival of the fittest? Having sexual (reproductive urges) for your family members makes no sense, and the man who brings us the survival of the fitness also destroys Freud’s beliefs, is Darwin himself as he decided that inbreeding would bring about a super human, when it just brought about disaster and ended his immediate family line.

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Would our subconscious mind, really hide from us at the pit of our depravity the urge to end humankind by having the inner urge to mate with our close family members?

The argument is ongoing that Freud has been proven right because we are all so obsessed with sex. Are we obsessed with sex? Or are we being subliminally kept into a primitive thought pattern to keep us away from Jung’s reality. That we are in fact magical beyond what we could ever understand?

Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew, author of Propaganda, 1928) used Freud’s theory of ‘Libido’ to keep us all in the old brain, in the primitive thinking, in the stressed consumer world.

Image result for hypothalamus primitive brain
If we are lower in IQ, we do not critically think, we do not assess situations and we do not challenge a system that is in place and has control. By simply triggering sexual urges constantly, we activate the limbic system.

Image result for limbic system

As you can see the limbic system is where our fear resides, and the thing with brains

‘what fires together, wires together’

When advertising is always suggesting sex, we light up the limbic system, and are often activating our amygdala , this is the fear part of our brain. My main point here is in normal everyday activities our arousal and anxieties are being prompted continually and our other daily activities that are more mundane are suddenly being zapped into our old brain, our thinking is all happening at a very primitive level.

This keeps us away from higher thinking, and higher thinking, meditation and spiritual experiences all happen, in the pre-frontal cortex.

Related image

People who activate their pre-frontal cortex more often, are more intuitive, happier and have a greater understanding on an emotional level. Many people are afraid to enter altered mind states, and why would this be?

Well, if you believe that your mind is dirty and not magical, you will fear looking in there, I often take people into alpha brainwave states to get them to hyper focus so I can begin optimistic auto suggestions with them. Some people really do not like the idea of this low level hypnosis, or meditative space. They feel they have no control, that their secrets will spill, that they are harbouring something awful or that the person working with them may take advantage of their susceptible state.

When you watch television you are suggestible, televisions put you into a hypnotic delta brainwave state, and you are being brainwashed daily by them, especially during advertisements because they use so much subliminal and sexual signalling, again because of Mr Freud.

Image result for subliminal sexual advertising

So, when I say that I have Jung Love, that is because he isn’t trying to sell me anything, he isn’t deterring me away from my highest self with fears and low thinking but encouraging me to find it. Jung sells a world where we have gods on our side, archetypes that live within our blood, and that our ancestors live within us, we carry everything they had to offer and we are truly incredible.

One day I realised that this system does not work very well for a reason, and that reason is it is perfectly broken, who will do the shitty jobs if everyone succeeds to their highest potential? Who will continue to buy the things that they do not really need when they are filled from within?

Meditation, active or not, should we just say mindfulness then,  increases brain activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, correct working order of this brain part regulated the correct functioning of the fear centre, the amygdala, allowing us to worry less and rationalise our fears. allowing us to become critical thinkers in tune with our spiritual side and able to put our fears to bed.

Of course the comfortable leaders of our worlds will enforce upon us Freudulant beliefs and dismiss the things that can bring us off of our knees…
like an unshakeable spirit, a connection with our heritage, an understanding of our unconscious and collective conscious, a real understanding of coincidence as synchronicity, the ability to use and understand symbols like we once did to encourage growth and strength, and our leaders still do (against our growth), the ability to interpret our own dreams and look at our selves for growth and inspiration, to use art as a medium for active meditation, wellbeing and to connect us with the metaphysical.

You see, as long as you believe that you cannot trust yourself, because you cannot be trusted, you never will. And if you are scared of your own mind, enough to avoid it;

Image result for people will do anything to avoid there own darkness

I pose the idea, that you are not as dark as you are lead to believe you are, or Jung was lead to believe he was, and so on, of course there is a darkness to your self survival, and the survival of those you love, and you would kill for them, but you would not out breed them as Darwin did, that is unnatural selection, and it would not be innate, it would be stupidity.

A man with knowledge, self trust, desire, passion, understanding, psychic energy, a willingness for others to aspire, is dangerous enough to change the world.

This is not by any means a hopeless post, but one which should enthuse with the best reason I could ever give you to open your mind.

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