Need a Kinder Self-Talk? Then you need a Kinder ‘Inner Dictionary’.

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This is how you change the thoughts in your head, you have a top down approach to reprogramming your dictionary.

You get a pen and paper, and you write down a load of negative words, the kind of words you yourself use often, like, setback or troublesome and then you oppose them, with words that are more generic and open ended, in other words, they are words that have a solution base, not a stuck base.

Hard- Challenging.

Difficult- Manageable.

Setback- Turnaround.

Problem- Glitch.

The phrases we often use in our heads, our thought patterns could be;

This is useless- This is hopeful.

I hate this- I can change or accept this.

I wish this didn’t happen to me- I have the ability to chose how I view the past and the present.

It is all my fault- I can evolve and learn more all of the time.

I tried so hard- I gave it my best and my best will improve.

You see, we often have limited phrases, and limited thoughts/ words. As soon as we add the word try into anything, we already put one barrier up, because we were told as children to ‘just try’ all of the things we didn’t want to do.

Try to share, no thank you.
Try to behave, no thank you.
Try and eat that spinach, no thank you.
Try not to jump on those seats, urgh.

You get the point, the word try has a conditioned response of ‘urgh’ within you, before you are four or five. What your goal is, is to find your dictionary, what words ‘sit’ well with you, what words do you like, don’t you like. Write words out, see which ones motivate you, see what colours motivate you, make yourself a word search on line, full of motivating words and have them printed out in a colour you like and feel raring to go with.

I use this one for my making sheets up for clients, I create morning motivations, and suggestively sleepy with words that encourage these states.

You can have them for joy, happiness, calm or anything you choose, but this begins the cycle of a new inner dictionary. One client I had, liked the word fabulous, and before she knew it, she was saying it all of the time, it was in her affirmation video, her word searches, and on her wall. Within a month of her seeing me, she said everyone at her work now said fabulous, when they walked in the door and people said, hello, how are you?

Fabulous, they would say.

This is a fab little site for helping you make your own word searches and then you can have a grateful morning one, a nice enthusiastic afternoon one. The reason for doing this, is again to change the words in your inner world , to being words that are optimistic, you cannot be optimistic with your self talk, if its words are limiting, restricted, solid and without any manoeuvrability. By this I mean words that have no room to be anything else, for example, if you say you feel trapped or stuck, these words are very limited. If you say you feel like you are in a transitional spot, or midway to somewhere, joking about your predicament, instead, straight away, you have given yourself a get out belief system, an open road,  not a never ending closed one.

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To change your inner dictionary you must change your current one, this takes repetition on a conscious and unconscious (as in subliminal, posters on walls, post its on the fridge, notes in your handbag, even folded, one touch against it and your hand knows what it is, and you will trigger within you that understanding) .

We all  think that massive changes take massive effort, but what they do not know is the effort that it takes is effortless and the only requirement is consistency, and consistency can be kept up on a subliminal level if you plant things around you, write down the words you want to say, practice in your head saying new words that you want in your vocabulary. Watch affirmation videos, make your own affirmations, create a video of your own or find someone who can help you make one, they are easier than you think, but just take time and effort. I create videos for all of my clients as well as for people who are not clients but would like one, just look under services if you are interested in your own. I used to have a power-point presentation and click through it whilst listening to songs I liked, before I learnt to make movies, but I still use power-point to make the slides for the movie. And it feels good when creating word stuffs.

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And the best thing is, when you are doing this inner dictionary change, you get to feel great because words are suggestive, so when you are writing out, or reading consciously or subliminally, you feeling good, and that is all this is about.

So listen into your thoughts, pick up on words that you think or say that are closed and limiting, then choose other words that are open, actively seek to have words that are open, creative, solving, easy, evolving, kinder and gentler. It may mean that words have to become sentences instead of just words, for example, when I feel really limited and worry for a moment about my current or future circumstances, because I sometimes still do worry about stuff, then remind myself that worrying is a bullshit past time, and that if I can not control it, I must let it go and accept it or do something about it when I am in a calm frame of mind, one that can easily deal with the situation. As I was saying though, if I do ever feel in that moment limited, I like to say, ‘this requires a little refocus of my attentions’, to me this means that I can choose to feel annoyed that my plan isn’t go to plan, or I could fully accept that I just have to think of something new.

Our language and how we use it;

IS suggestive to our emotions and abilities and physical reactions.

Does create limiting belief systems.

Can create attitudes that achieve or fail.

Will Free or Imprison you.

Enjoy changing your inner dictionary and browse through my other blog writings that focus our attentions upon great professional and personal growth.

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