Evidence for Positive Suggestion.

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The worst is over. We are taking you to the hospital. Everything is being made ready. Let your body concentrate on repairing itself and feeling secure. … Things are being made ready at the hospital for you. We’re getting there as quickly and safely as possible. You are now in a safe position. The worst is over

This is what paramedics where asked to learn and repeat to the people they came across to help and support on their way to hospital. This research completed in the early nineties showed that the ‘suggested to’ group of patients had a higher survival rate on the way to the hospital, left the hospital earlier, and had an overall faster recovery than the patients who were not in the ‘suggested to’ group (Intervention Medicine and Applied Science, September 2003)

So a 30 second intervention, by ambulance staff, trained with a suggestive script made a visible impact upon patient care in an efficacy report. In other words people could record this down as evidentially making a big difference.

Still, suggestion is seen as laughable to the masses. Yet every single one of us understand to some level a placebo effect, we still deny the effect that our mind has upon situations, and we let our mind run wild with its own suggestions of total misery and wonder why our lives feel like they are lacking.

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Knowing what I know, I look around at the world and notice something very severe, we are insane, every day we suggest sickness, lack and limitation and total depression. Every day, our thoughts are little prescriptions we write out to ourselves and the world.

They used what is called PSBPS; psychological support based on positive suggestions with patients on a ventilator, and found that the patients on average where on a ventilator 2.5 days less, and they were in the intensive care unit 4 days less (European Journal of Mental Health 2 (2007) 2, 149–170).

An Orthopaedic surgeon was given instructions to use applied positive suggestions with patients who were in the controlled group (after a coin tossing decider), and then have them listen to an audio tape of relaxing music and suggestive text.

During the one to one pre-op chats, they would give the patient a set of questions, in which they would answer yes.

Doctor: – Am I right that you will be operated by doctor XY?

Patient: – Yes.

Doctor: – Are you going to have hip (or knee) arthroplasty tomorrow?

Patient: – Yes.

Doctor: – Has doctor XY already visited you today?

Patient: – Yes.

After applying the “yes-set”, we can effectively give a considerable suggestion to the patient, like: Then, you are ready to renew and to have a well functioning leg.”

After a series of questions with a yes answer, the roll of another question bids the patient the want to say yes again, and there we have a very strong suggestion.

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The suggestive audiotape played scripted words along this ideal,

“You are resting comfortably. You are safe. You feel peaceful. This is an important operation. Your body and soul works together with the doctors. (The goal is to reach a relaxed state where the patient feels safe.)

Your body withdraws the redundant blood from the surgical field. Only as much blood flows there as much is required to supply the tissues with sufficient nutrition and oxygen… There is no need for bleeding or inflammation… (We reaffirm the previous suggestions to decrease blood loss.)

The sounds that remind you of a construction will help you to heal, to move easier, and to reach a better life quality. They suggest that soon you can use your new joint. (The surgical noises are reframed in the same manner as in the preoperative discussion.)

You recover easily and quickly after the operation. All the infusions, catheters and drains in the first days will serve your perfect healing. Their presence is relieving. (We give suggestions for the postoperative recovery and prepare the patient for the difficulties in the intensive care unit.)

Even if you feel pressure at the site of the operation, it just simply means that the healing has already started. It suggests that you have to relax and find the most comfortable position… The tensile, prickling sensation under the bandage calms you, since it means that the tissues adhere to each other perfectly without swelling or leakage. (These are new possibilities of reframing the pain.)

Day by day you are feeling better and better, stronger and stronger, healthier and healthier. You are confident, forbearing and cheerful. Your recovery is fast and perfect. (We assure the patient about the fast and easy recovery.)” (Interv Med Appl Sci. 2013 Sep; 5(3): 112–115.)

Using methods like these have shown that patients have lost less blood, recovered quickly, left hospital earlier and not required as much pain relief or pharmaceutical drugs.

It is great to see that after over a hundred or more years of ditching suggestion because anaesthetics are faster and are more likely to work first time, so are effective, we are beginning to recognise the power of words again. The thing is anaesthetics may work, but the have a high risk attached in comparison to suggestion. In the olden days using suggestion/hypnosis alone carried very little risk in comparison, but it took a well trained, confident and competent hypnotist/mesmerist and surgeon and some just where not as good as others.

Was this because the secrets where not well shared, or because some people are naturally gifted?

I doubt it, I believe anyone passionate enough can be suggestively suited into becoming anything they desire, if you are interested in something, and you allow it to consume you, you will consume it, you will become one.

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