Isn’t it about time you amazed yourself, with a Mind Set that Lasts?

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How do I get through a tough day? I focus on something beautiful within it.
How do I stay calm when things around me feel out of my control? I hold those I love in gratitude.
How do I have faith when I get one surprise after another? I call shit stuff ‘surprises’ lol.
How do I KNOW that everything will work out okay? Because I have self belief and a belief in something bigger than me.
How can I remain positive when the world is so negative? Because I understand the power of words on a physical and mental level.
How can I have fun, relax, play and let it all go? Because playtime and downtime is a savings account for hardtimes.

We have power over the most important thing in the world, our perception, and this perception allows us a world of magic or misery.

Times will still be tough, the future may be uncertain, at times we will want to run and hide and others we will swell with pride.

Around ten years ago I had the word ‘surism’ tattood on my wrist. I had finally learnt enough and instilled enough within me that regardless of anything and everything, I knew I would be strong enough to handle it. Surism was a word written in a book I had read on metaphysics, it was published back on 1910. When I become obsessed about an idea, I like to find out who was talking about it first, so I read about affirmations from a woman called Florence Shinn, although her beliefs are not aligned entirely with mine, I took the strong belief of surism, of knowing, of ‘I can handle it’ that she gave me.

All my life took was that decision, the decision to ‘be well’ regardless, and I have had some real tough times since then, and am sure I will again.

We all throw around the term mindset like it is momentary, that it can be stepped in and out of, but this does not do it real justice. I teach little methods on how to have these mind set moments, I use a few sensory tricks and symbols to boost emotional responses in certain situations like exams, or driving tests. But this is the tip of the iceburg, just a moment of this magic. If you continually change your wording when thinking/talking. If you choose what visuals to have on your mind. If you control your focus of attention. If you look for oppertunities and wellness. If your priority is to create your emotions, instead of flowing with others. If your intention is to find what you want to be looking for. If your decisions are to make decisions, then you get to be in your own flow and admire and observe others in theirs.

We get to choose to feel like we KNOW we can handle anything and everything.

This is where your true power lies, your real faith and magic.

To be Surism. A firmly established belief system that makes me certain that I can manage life when it is rough, and rise when it is right. No more ordinary for me.

Many would say and have said that optimism is unrealistic and only creates an inability to deal with difficult life experiences.

This really could not be further from the truth, and an abundance of studies back me up. When you understand that pessimism and nagativity make you unwell and that positivity makes you well then the research is evidence and real enough.

Procrastination and self doubt are a disrespect to the imagination you have been given to create with, to build with, to become with.

If anything is unrealistic it is using a mind of genius potential and allowing it wilt away with worries.

When you are living more stressless and once you have built within you a foundation of ‘I can handle it’ then you do, and when times are tough, you rest more, eat well, relax more, self soothe and ensure you heal, this is a realistic view. When you are tottaly stressed out you do not care take when times are tough and you do not handle it, you break instead of heal.

During the good times and everything seems to be going well. This mindset then allows you to access somethimg incredible inside of you. You get to take yourself that little bit further/ higher, you become almost invincable at times in your mindset.

Creating within you a Surism which means ‘I can handle it’, knowing you have chosen to access your highest potential when life is good and your ability to cope when it isn’t that is a mindset of the greatest value.

Everything from walking, talking, reading writing, cooking, cleaning, driving and working had to be learnt.

What made you think that a mindset didn’t.

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We invest in so many things to put on us, around us and sometimes within us, to feed our soul. But how much have you if ever, invested in your mind?

Because that is where your magic lies, that is where you can really thrive.

You have the best pc in the world in your head, but you are still playing space invaders Image result for amstrad and mega driveon an Amstrad using the manual for a Megadrive wondering why the fuck you are stuck.

Get used to the idea that you are phenomenal and start doing phenomenal shit…for goodnes sakes.

Isn’t it about time you amazed yourself?

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