Storing Emotions Physically.

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Every now and then I have to show this image because it really shows something interesting.
I remember reading something years ago, affirmations to heal certain body parts using certain phrases, and I immediately dismissed it as nonsense.

However, knowing what I know about stress causing inflammations and infections, anxiety and depression, and chronic stress leads to chronic disease and illnesses.
The more I see of this topography image, and its relation to feeling being ‘stored’ in certain areas is perhaps turning me into a believer of some sorts.

When I am with people and discussing certain things, they will hold their throat when the do not want to cry, swallowing their feelings, they touch the top of their stomach when they are talking about something very upsetting, just hovering the adrenal gland. When they are embarrassed or exposed and feel ashamed of crying, they put their hands over their eyes. We associate strength with our upper arms and normally feel strength in our hands and arms.

I am coming to the conclusion more and more, that if your emotions are felt in one area of your body more than another, then of course your stress would cause inflammation and illness there.

We all tighten up when we are worried and certain areas are more tense, dependant on where the emotion is held, of course it is a little different for all, but still quite conformed really.

I believe EFT has a massive impact upon dissolving some of this stress and loosening these tensions and supporting your central nervous system to intake new information instead of being alert in that one painful area.

There is lots we can do to unwind and stop storing these emotional energies that are harassing our physical selves.

We owe it to who we are, to let ourselves feel better, and learning EFT or using art therapy, or finding a good masseuse, or listening to a guided meditation can all be of massive help to your life in its entirety.

I am so tune with myself that I will get sharp pains when I shout, now that would stop you eh? lol
Unfortunately not always, but I feel my stress, my anger, my emotion immediately hit me in the knees or my lower back.

This image is of a a research project which acts many different people to tell us where they felt anger, where they felt shame, where they felt happiness etc.

We feel emotions physically, and they can give us something heavy to carry or the ability to float.

You have the power to change things, even if it is just reading happier words, watching funnier films, looking for something to raise you, you are worth changing your emotional storehouse for. You are worth so much more.


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