The Bees Funeral


The video below video is going around face book and quite beautiful it is, from a human perspective. If we project our life experience and place it onto the life of something else, then this scene is one of heartfelt amazement that could bring a tear to your eye.

The truth however, as much as we humans want to project a story of likeness, innocence, care taking and ultimate romance, is that the bee is being buried and hidden as a future food supply, and it just so happens that the close debris happened to be beautiful flower petals instead of average leaves and twigs. Making this splendid viewing for us humans who want to see the world as we do.

This on mass ‘projection’ tells us many things and it is saddening as well as marvellous.  First of all it tells me that we are caring, that we are romantic, that we look for beauty and meaning, that we want to see harmony and teamwork across species and an overall unity and we want to see it in a breath taking way.

Now that means that as humans some of us definitely have within them those qualities, for if they did not, they would not desire to search from it in others. We often project ‘what we are’ onto other people, this is why so many of us are let down constantly, because we expect things from others, and put our own ideas onto others, we essentially assume peoples positions and even create a character for others, that does not even exist.

Just as this video has a huge amount of comments about afterlife, reincarnation, how ants really love bees etc They are projecting an idea which comes from them, onto something else.

Before you all go thinking I am a massive spoil sport for pointing out that ants are covering their meal, take onto you this thought, when we actually understand nature, then we do not have to project or imagine anything, because reality, although fierce, is more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

Ants make very impressive homes out of their habitats, they are as old as dinosaurs and have conquered the entire world. They are a superorganism, which means they work together as one, they have medics, and undertakers, so ants do give a good funeral, to their own, in their chamber dwellings. They communicate using chemicals, they release pheromones which say, danger, or food collection. When it comes to bio-diverse living, ants are the natural hoovers of the world, clearing away constantly all of the dead bees, other bugs and old foods, nothing is left to rot on our streets. They are strong and can carry three times their own body weight and have the potential to live up to thirty years. All day every day, they sacrifice themselves to ‘the greater good’, they work tirelessly to ensure their survival as a species, now that is true beauty. If you want to see how miraculous and selfless ants are, then see them as ants.

When I think about ants, I like to admire them for what they really are, as I do us humans. And us humans are symbolic, we are always looking for hidden meanings in everything, we are natural philosophers, seeking out the hidden magic in everything, because we know it is there, only hidden in plane sight.

I believe most people are about doing good, but I also believe we are lead by psychopaths who are leading us for only their own greater good, which means not teaching us about nature, not showing us the real magic of the world. Education is about destroying the individual, and training a mass view which keeps us struggling and conforming, it is not about widening our minds, showing the world as it really is and letting us find our own beauty within it. It is not about allowing us to discover our real potential.

Most of us cannot see past our own projections, we have never been shown to, yet we still innately want to see a world of wonder before us, only assuming what that wonder is, removes it from being there, we see past it because we already have assumed our position, we have a clear perception, and even though it may be one of mystical wonder, it robs us of the real mystical wonders everywhere.

When we assume a person/ant is doing something because that is what we would have done, or know someone else did, which is natural for us to do, it is how we understand things, first from a subjective position, and we can only relate through past experiences, but to be final, and say, well that is of course what it is, is cutting you off from the chance of new understandings, of a kind of objective view.

I am sure a lot of people watched this video and googled ant or bee behaviour and learnt a lot of things, I am sure many, many more others did not, and kept this new information, and aligned it with their old information to get ‘reality’, even some of them, knowing they are guessing, but happy with their guess, happy to not seek new information which may change their assumptions.

On mass or on an individual level we constantly project our own knowledge and then assume a reality around that. Around the past. The past always determines how we see the present and the present always predicts how we see the future.

It is nice to see, however, most of our assumptions where of beauty and joy. Maybe we find it too hard as humans to accept that with the beauty of life, comes the necessity of death. And if we look, wonder and miracles right in the eye, we have to accept that nature resumes because it consumes, and we are nature too.

The beauty that I saw from this video was that we want to see meaning and love in things, we are all big romantics, and that right there, is my miracle, we often say mankind is a disease, but it is not, we do not look for meaning behind ants preserving food for later, just because they used pretty pink flowers, if we are innately selfish and a disease.

We project what we are onto what we see. This tells me we are beautiful people who have been lead away from our innate way of being to serve in a colony which does not do us justice.

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