Pull Yourself Together.

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I often wonder, do people think I am harsh, and simply saying, just pull yourself together? I assure you I am not, I am saying ‘this is how we can pull ourselves together’. That is the difference. I believe truly, that simple and easy ways to help yourself are not taught, or when they are, the reasons of their effectiveness, and the workings of the mind are not taught with them, so being told to just go for a walk, or admire some scenery seems lame, helpless and insensitive.
I believe when we are told about how our mind works, about how our neuroligical pathways communicate, about the effect our thoughts have on our emotions and our emotions have on our central nervous system, and why refocusing helps, then we will make that effort, which is not instant.
The thing is, we live in a world of instant gratification, and if going for that walk, does not help there and then, well f*ck it, what is the point?It made us feel a little better, but it did not make huge changes, we got home and felt the same, why bother?
When we realise that the walk daily, for a week or two changes the structure of our brain, what cognitive neuroscientists call neural scaffolding, then we will keep on, because we know change is coming.
If we do not know that it takes time to literally ~~change our mind~~, then it is harder, and does not seem worthwhile.
I without a doubt promote ‘chin up’, but I show you why, I explain how, and I keep the momentum going until you seeing the changes yourself.
This is where pulling yourself together can actually be achieved, when you are given tools to do so, when you understand why you are doing so. I have always needed to know stuff, haven’t you?
You know when you are making a cake that you are mixing flour and water together for a reason, even if it does hurt your wrist.
If you are struggling, you CAN change things. Find positive blogs, use visualisations and affirmations every day, think about the nice things around you, from your present and past, and write down your strengths, your abilities, your skills, and what you have which is wonderful about you.
See yourself as you really are, instead of the version you have lead yourself to believe that you are.
You are worthy, talented, and unlike anyone else you know.
You are a miracle, and you have a miraculous mind, which is begging for the day it is allowed to really play its role effectively, to help you, be the real you.
The potential that you are hiding away from, your mind is your PA, waiting for that moment that you start instructing it!!! 

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