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Okay, so a little follow up to my last article about How to be a Student, I realised I had left note taking out, and this is one of the biggest things students do to waste their time, by not get the information they need written down, and also they end up totally ignoring what the tutor says. As the tutor is familiar (hopefully) with the subject they are discussing, they speak about it with ease, and that ease allows you to be able to understand the subject, more than the slide will.

If your eyes are looking at a power point slide and scribbling every single word down, then you are missing the lesson, and may have well of stayed at home and just flicked through the slides.

I am going to go through a random slide I found on the interwebby (of which of course I find an interest in) and one I have made myself discussing suggestive psychology, then show you what you need to take from the slides.

Image result for maslows four stages of learning
All you need to write in your notepad about this slide to the side, is ‘Maslow, 4 stages of Learning’. Then I would advise you to have a symbol which means ‘look up/google’ I always draw a pair of glasses. Then I would LISTEN to my tutor, and then paraphrase (say what he said in my own way and words) what I learnt from his words.
So my notes would be this:

~Maslow, ‘4 stages of learning’, incompetent then competent, learning becomes autopilot eventually. Image result for glasses icon~

Most people will write the entire slide down, and most tutors will let them, and wait to flip a slide until they are finished, instead of saying,
‘dudes, you can get this shit online later (If I am competent and upload my slides, if I don’t it doesn’t matter, because you have notes) and if you cannot access the slides on line (because sometimes our website is shit, or I didn’t put them up), then take the notes you NEED.
My humour aside, most tutors are bad ass, and do ensure they upload their stuff, I promise, but as is life we always remember the one who didn’t instead of being grateful for all of those who did (next article to come ‘gain frame mentality’ lol).

From the presentations, you need this information.

These where some of my symbols, I take advantage of our subconscious mind above our conscious one, and when you draw glasses, next to a theorist, even if you bump into a dragon on the way home and he flames your notes, if you chillax with a cup of tea, close your eyes and say to yourself,
‘now what did I write down today’,
it will come to you, if you trust it will (true story).
Mind Maps are based on the fact that our brain is in synergy, we are using the left and right brain together by writing and drawing, which is increasing our chances of remembering, the visual representation of an image, especially a symbol is soaked into the brain 87% faster than the written word alone. So play with your own symbols, meaning what you want them to.

If we were in a class being taught about PSPBS (Psychological Support Based on Positive Suggestion), which we rarely would be, because this golden egg is mostly ignored in case everyone in the world realises just how powerful language/words/thoughts are and dramatically changes themselves and this shitty system that we live in, which only serves a very small proportion of us…I digress.

So anyway,  for this amazing slide about the power of words, and suggestively using language to benefit ourselves and others, I would be selective and take what I needed.

My notes become 27 words, a year and three symbols instead of 103 words and a year.


Tiger sticky text highlighter stripsAs I said in the previous student tips that colour coding tutors and subjects is massively helpful, you will find because you are doing an overall subject- your actual degree, that within it, some of  your modules are similar, so you may have notes that are useful for two subjects, so if your green tutor is talking about a theory or some research which is helpful to your pink tutor, then you highlight the notes in colours to, but only in your own books and print outs, however, you can get some see through sticky highlight tabs for library books, and of course, if you do not want to reck your book, so you can cash in next year and sell them on.

When taking notes, keep it simple, you will learn so much more from listening and asking questions than ignoring your tutor to write down 103 words.

Best of Luck and enjoy the journey 🙂

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