The Power of Acceptance

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When I am doing a Neuro Linguistic Programming pattern (NLP) or an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) I notice the body language in people change as soon as they get descriptive about their emotional energy.

For example they are discussing a fear, and I ask them where they can feel that fear in their body, and they will say the top of their stomach, across their chest or in their throat. I will ask them what colour that emotion, that fear is, and they will say it is dark brown, or grey or black. I will ask them if it is a sharp image or fuzzy and they may say sharp and powerful. I will say where is it and they will hold their hand out and put it in front of their face, as if the emotion is right in front of them, something they are trying to escape.

I notice once I have asked all of my questions about the sensory information they hold upon a feeling, their shoulders drop, the secret is out. The secret they never even knew, like magic this fear is there in front of them, almost like they could hold it in their palm. When you see your fear in front of you, it immediately becomes weaker, it becomes transformed and not as threatening.

Before obtaining my NLP Practitioner status and obtaining my EFT Diploma I had no idea that emotions are linked to us physically and can be removed by being looked at, accepted and soothed.

As we look at our ‘fear’ in a very sensory way, we can either change the image to a softer one, a lighter colour or shape, or we could tap it away. I find when we use EFT tapping, the image we have of a fear naturally changes without any instigation, as we tap the colour softens to something paler, a pastel or perhaps a sunny brighter colour instead. The shape becomes less harsh and more dreamy and light. I have seen people start with a slimy green in their throat and a dark brown around their chest, as we start the tapping it will move, and EFT practitioners are used to chasing the emotion around the body, so we will ask on a scale of one to ten how intense the fear is, dependant on the fear and the person it will be normally above seven. One lady was at an eight with her fear, and I also dabbed into her unconscious memory a little to find out where her fear began, and we altered the blue print of the memory with a soothing overlay, and then began tapping away what was left.

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The colours start to reduce in their dirty, grimy appearance and first became paler, then more pastel and ended up as a huge peach bubble encasing her, this was all done without any of my prompting or leading her to change the colour palette as we would in NLP patterns, this all happened beautifully naturally and we both melted into a zone of complete comfort and relaxation, we watched a fear disintegrate before our eyes.

With NLP, you will sometimes have a convincer strategy, this is where the client is not convinced that changes may not have been made, until the encounter what they were afraid of again, they know the fear is no longer intense or even there, however they still think, but if I am around, say a spider, that the fear will come back, they will logically assess (without even knowing it), that maybe even if they are around spiders four times that they will be okay. This in itself proves that they have changed, only they fit that change into their world and as usual thought frame their own beliefs to fit new information, because nothing is easy right?

Not when our thoughts continually kick ass, no 😉 However people normally find that when they face that fear they are good to go, and manage very well in the company of a spider and are surprised at their ease, the only problem they do encounter is anticipation (thoughts, and this is why I do so much work around internal dialogues and thought patterns).

I have come to the conclusion that about 70-80 percent of the healing done in this way is the acknowledgement and acceptance of the fear in a very physical and sensory way, something they have never done before, it allows us an immediate new perception and relief. Most people at this point explain their sensory data held on a feeling, visualise it all, then sigh and slump with relief, this moment I feel is terribly important in this process, it is the beginning of giving it away.

The power of acknowledgement and acceptance is the beginning of letting go.

We often do not want to accept or acknowledge the pain that we feel, using NLP patterns and EFT tapping, is one way of doing this, without even knowing what we did.

Our minds are powerful, and our emotions not as complex as we believe, and our ability to self heal immeasurable ❤

Be Well ❤


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