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Your lymphatic system is around 95% water and could be classed as your bodies body guard. Your muscles are around 75% water, your brain about 80%. Overall you are 70% water.

Many, many moons ago, we would have offered bodies of water our most prized possessions, because we believed that there was something in the water that would favour our love and loyalty. Our rich men would offer their swords and riches. We more normal folk would write on small white pebbles our wishes and drop them into rivers, talking to our gods.

Today there are many wishing wells, and my children often throw pennies in and make a wish, I have done this since childhood, but I had no idea of its history.

Why would this be important on a coaching page you may think, this ‘wishy, washy’ 😉 set of beliefs?

Within you and around you is the source of life, and it has been proven to hold the memory of which before, had held it.

Water remembers where it has been, and it is living within you, and within me.

I use this information to pull on and assure me, when we hear great philosophers and meditators of the past say that we are innate in our understandings of the things we have never seen. I believe it is because of the life/water which carries our blood and Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor, water and naturegenes.

How can we feel sad upon knowing such a magical treat, that within us lies every ancestor, every single possibility, every answer and every ounce of strength there has ever been?

Now I may be romantic, I may be a fool.

But I choose to look for my genius and to have a connection to the men and women who brought me here, and the land in which we have roamed.

Many sayings about water are still ever present which confirm to me often, of my belief.

Maybe I just ‘feel it in my waters’, but I know that the best we can be, is to ‘Be Well’.

As a client of mine, you will be well aware of my visualisation techniques, and my repetition of affirmations, and my use of emotional triggers and symbology, but I take this one step further for myself, personally.

If I need to learn something or do ‘well’ I will write on my water bottles, I will bless the water within me during meditations, I will talk to the water in the bath, and in the shower, and as I drink it, I will instruct it.

I will talk to lakes, I will talk to trees, after all a tree is just a holding of water reaching for the stars, with its roots firmly under your feet.

The tree of ‘life’/ water, is all knowing.

This world is full to the ‘brim’ of magic, yet we have been distracted away from what is real. It is all just common sense, a child could grasp such deep philosophy with simple observations.

My little girl used to draw a flower, then the grass around it, then she would draw rain, then a sun, then worms underneath in the soil, then birds in the sky and clouds, sometimes a little bee, paying attention to everything that the flower needs.

She would say that the flower needs a drink, that it needs the sun to grow, that it needs some yummy soil, and that the birds will spread its seeds, that the bee will make some honey and more flowers.

Fair enough her Father is a keen gardener and she has paid attention well, but he only grows food, not pink flowers like she would draw as she simply understood life, and what life needs. As she has got older she has added rainbows, because she understands that happiness is also a building block of life, and sadness wilts things away.

Now if you got to the end of my magical water wishes, I thank every single water particle within you and ask it to serve you ‘well’, to fill you to the ‘brim’ with its joyous memory and for you to trust it and yourself, for you to listen to what you ‘feel in your waters’ and know that within you is the magic of everyone before you.

You have their strengths, their struggles, their fire and their feat. You have their soul, you are their soul, you are the miracle we all want to meet. You carry with you all that has ever been. Within you are the stars, the earth, the wind and the trees, the storm and the calm, the power and the fall, the water within you has been and seen it all.

How can you be nothing, when everything inside of you and around you runs on the largest conductor and ‘current’ of energy.

When we pass away, rooms are said to become condensed, the windows gather water, and the nurses would and some often still do, open the window to let the spirit be released, for our water, which carried a million and more bodies, return to another sea, another river, another you or me.

Water is life. Water is beauty and the beast.

Water is transparent, in every sense of the word, it is obvious, it is clear, it is straightforward and is there. It is a mirror. No hiding it…

Only it is transparent, see-through, just how important water/life is, we can no longer see, somewhere in all of this memory, have we forgot what we could, and could not see.

Be ‘Well’, and find your ‘Wellbeing’. 

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