When You Get Nice Comments From Clients and Before You Know It You are Rhyming…

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Some beautiful ‘Visitor Posts’, I like to call them, magical moments with beautiful souls though. I remember each of theses sessions like yesterday. It still amazes me, what can be achieved, healed, changed or shifted in just an hour or so.

One beautiful lady went from being very nervous about an upcoming driving lesson to leaving with no doubts of her abilities. We did a fantastic visualisation and confidence boost, when she walked in the test centre she saw a very different waiting room to others, because we redecorated it to soothe her, in a mild super learning brain wave state.

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People have no idea how powerful their mind is at creating a world around them, that can soothe past, ensure they have the confidence they need to even enjoy exams, tests and interviews.

My style of support ranges from simple chats, pointing out at every step your skills, abilities and personal resources to strengthen your mind set, to giving you skills and techniques to use alone, as well as creating time in session for EFT tapping, visualisations or guided meditations.

Because I have so many tricks up my sleeve and spend hours reading up on new and old methodologies, I manage to mix strategies to give people a new unique therapeutic experience which can often blow us both away.

I am ever overwhelmed with our mind and its miraculous nature. It really saddens me that we are not taught enough about how our brain works, and how we can simply and effectively tweak our thoughts and emotions to bring out our inner super man/woman. Because we really do have a piece of equipment better than any Pc on the market, which can astound you.

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Imagine having the best computer in the world, just sat in a box in the corner of your room, all dusty and left alone. This is what we have all been doing with our minds, and we wonder why they are miserable and depressed!

They are screaming out, PLAY WITH ME, I AM BORED!!!

How do children act when they want attention they are not getting, they stamp their freaking feet.

My biggest desire, and my best sessions are when we achieve touching on that magic, and harnessing it.

It can be as simple as pointing out to someone where they became strong in a relationship, but their head was too clouded to see it, I magnify it, so they see their true self, their worth. Not the clouded ideal they have put upon themselves, but a real evaluation.

Or when we have the opportunity to heal the past, by creating a relaxing moment where we can go into an old memory and heal it with energy and positive psychology.

Sometimes it is just allowing somebody to see how absurd our thought patterns can be, I like to have a good laugh at our cognitive distortions, because, well, they are distorted, when we can really see how our thought patterns are off, we can find the humour in them, and it can be a trigger to pay attention to them, and guide them into being more productive and caring.

I like to blend ideas from Symbology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Counselling Skills, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and many Positive Psychology frames as well as Trance States to achieve results that people deserve.

My main inspirations are Carl Jung, Emile Coue, Milton Erikson, Derren Brown, Victor Mansfeild & John Holt. I also love reading the new age sciences discussed by Florence Shinn and Joseph Murphy. I always found myself enveloped in a book written a hundred years ago, and still do. If you want to know the future, look to the past 

Apart from Derren Brown lol You can see him thoroughly alive anywhere playing with mind magic.

Your mind is a gift, your world the illusion you create, only you did not know to wipe the slate, so you kept on living everyone else lie, wishing that things where better as you sat and cried, if you only knew your gifts, your miracles beneath, you would never ponder in your own grief. You would sit up strong with a smile on your face, begging for new challenges and ideas to create, you would look to the stars and marvel at your world, you would live and breathe and become unfurled. You would ignite the skies with your passion and pride, and live your life instead of wanting to hide.

My nursery rhyme philosopher popped out…lol

Be Well 

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