To be Mindful is to not be Mind Full.

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Someone popped a status up on Facebook asking if others could define Mindful in one sentence. So I wrote.

To be the opposite of Mind Full.

I have never done a course on mindfulness, nor have I promoted Mindfulness on my website or business page. The reason is simply because I do not like the word Mindful, and this may well have cost me a few quid through marketing, but such is life, I have beliefs set in stone which often cost me a penny or two, like my unwillingness to market myself using Applied Psychology and convincing people they need me, whether they do, or do not. It all means my boat comes in slower, but at least I will deserve it when it does come, and know I brought it in genuinely.

So where does the word Mindful come from?

  1. 1.
    the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
    “their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”
  2. 2.
    a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

Okay so looking into what the word means, it seems that bringing into our awareness, a full awareness is a soothing technique. I agree it can be, it is a living in the now, focus on the beauty technique, and a very powerful one I admit.

So why do I not like the word?

If you have not noticed, I am a stickler for language, and as my first response to the status asking what being mindful was, I replied, the opposite of mind full.

Most people come into services for mindfulness because their mind is full. They do not know how to switch off their thoughts, guide their thoughts, drive their thoughts, enjoy their thoughts or use their thoughts as tools for change within their lives.

Their mind is full of thoughts, and they are overwhelmed by their own cognitive distortions that are driving them crazy. So we decide as practitioners, to show them beauty, I get that, what we focus on we get more of, and they eventually learn to focus on the beauty around them, and have nicer thoughts, and feel better about themselves.

I love this, this is brilliant. But is it sometimes just putting wallpaper over crumbling plaster? Will it last longer than its honeymoon, or will that wallpaper make those walls look beautiful forever more?

Chances are that they have learnt to love their wallpaper, and will never strip it back, and maybe wallpaper over it again in a few years, never forgetting how beautiful wallpapering can be.

Maybe I am the one with the problem because I am getting out a magnifying glass and saying lets have a good look at this plaster, and the wall underneath. Then we get a deeper level of Mindfulness, because I ask you to see the beauty in the crumble, they swerve of the cracks, the rough and the smooth, the textures of the past.

The gratefulness you get of the house, of the bricks and mortar, you get to feel really mindful about everything in front of you, not just what you choose to focus upon.

Now, I am not dissing mindfulness, it is a truly exceptional skill, which can bring people into brand new ways of being and show them exactly what they have been missing by wishing their lives away in pessimism. They get to focus on what is here, right now, and what is of great beauty, that the present is gift, and that is why it is called the present.

Maybe I just wish Mindfulness was called something else, but maybe that is the purpose, after all I have before been known to say that with acceptance we begin to heal, maybe receiving Mindfulness care is admitting your mind is full, and you want to be Mindful instead…(goes of to explore some words).

The word ‘full’ itself is to mean etymologically, containing all that can be received. To grow, or to have fledged (be able to fly).

The word mind, is to come from, remind, memory, remembrance. To think. To take notice, perceive.

Have I just selected a new Mind Full and let go of what I believed?

Mindfulness all of a sudden feels quite wonderful to me.

Maybe this is why it is called Mindfulness, because it is the beginning of your flight into the land of abundance, where you remember that it is all about how you perceive.

I had obviously not perceived the words Mind Full in a positive light, and asking myself why changed me. This is why I love our minds, because they are something we get to enjoy, if we allow ourselves to think freely.

Although I may have found a fond desire of the wording, I still feel the roots of Mindfulness can cause passivity, and its deeper theology could breed apathy, but that shouldn’t stop us from redecorating, it should just make us aware of the fact we need more than wallpaper to make a room pretty xx

❤ Be Well ❤

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