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The thing with our mind is we only pay attention to what we need to, or think we need to at the time, as you read this, you see the text, you see the black and the white, the coaching symbol I have beside my post update, barely visible at the side, you see perhaps a blurry teal cross?
Or maybe it is beyond your scroll now, and you just see words.

You know you are holding a phone or looking at a screen, but are you aware of what your fingers feel like at this moment or how your body is feeling as it sits slumped or peaked?

Now you do, because I just brought your posture and how your body feels into your awareness. All of a sudden you present yourself with lots of information a moment before you had dismissed.

If you are holding your phone, or a laptop, or a mouse, how does that material feel? Are your hands warm or cold, and your arms well rested or rigid?

Does your body feel at ease or tense?

Are you aware of how much information is being downloaded into you continually?

No, because you cannot be, you have to pay attention, to what you are paying attention to, so we choose to press the delete button on how we physically feel when reading because we want to focus on the words coming in, not how our body feels taking the words in.

Maybe we should, we would have a better understanding of our responses if we did.

There is a wonderful trick I found to ‘open your mind’ or should I say acknowledge more of your sensory information, and it is one I have to exercise a lot of the time, due to my Image result for lady on busdaughters shyness.

When completing my Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner course, or my Emotional Freedom Technique Diploma, I forget which, as I had a sensory overload at the time, I was completing four courses at once, gearing myself up to be a super competent and confident Life Coach, okay, okay, enough self plugging  

The exercise on one of these courses was to watch people without watching them, you sit somewhere and without looking at people you ‘reach’ your view and ask yourself questions, like what colour is the woman’s bag who is sitting at the front right hand side of the bus? Although in the beginning, you cannot ‘see’ it easily, and you would often guess instead of attempt to ‘reach’ your view from the corner of your eye, hope this makes sense.

The thing is our mind also likes to make assumptions, it is forever guessing what is coming next because it likes to be efficient with its time, this is why we have optical illusions, and how one colour can melt into another when they are similar, without us noticing the change.

Anyways, after a while you get quite good at it, when you stop assuming and start ‘reaching’ new, wider views. Your head often wants to move, but you have to keep it still and just look, without looking. It really is quite fun, and before you know it, you can see all sorts of things out of the corner of your eye, things that are no longer assumptions, that may have once spooked you because you only in-took the assumption without the details. I digress…

My daughter loves singing and dancing, and gets quite into it, bobbing away and screaming out (yes, screaming), lots of complex moves and jiggles, with a thoroughly serious face. She is very shy, and if she catches us looking she tells us to stop and look away. If we do look she goes a little blushed and could even muster up a tear forming. So I look away, but with all of my fantastic training of watching strangers on the bus, without watching strangers on the bus, I luckily still get a good show. Although, I am dying inside to peek so I can see her beautiful concentrated face in its entirety and get all of that downloadable information into my brain.

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I will however, take what I get and be thankful that for now, in her beautiful development stage of vulnerability, if she feels I am not watching she can be entirely free. Soon of course more self awareness will appear in her beautiful little soul and the shows may stop altogether. Unless she is feeling brave and asks for an audience for her new show.

My main point here as I share my moments of magic with you all, is that we miss so much of the world, because we are not looking.

And if we decide we want to see a different show all we have to do is look for it.

Because we constantly match data with old data, assume data with old data, delete data to take in some data, distort data to fit our already held beliefs about data, generalise data with massive sweeping exaggerated data…lol

What is actually going on around us that we chose not to see, and what is going on around us that we did chose to see, but we chose to see it our way?

A lot. Alot of data.

Start looking out of the corner of your eye for something beautiful and new, and then you get the chance to modify the already held data inside of you.

Their is a reason why all of the files, folders and nitbits on a PC are labelled the same as parts of our brain, and the way they work.

Because we are a processing unit, of course we are a living, breathing, beautiful, magical and miraculous processing unit which is greater than any PC we can even imagine building, and we hold a massive amount of transmitting information, our capabilities far superior to any computer.

We are amazing, so start seeing what you can see… and then see how you feel, about what you can see, and what you can really sense, about what you can see and feel.

❤ Be Well ❤

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