The universe wants to remind you, that it is a part of you.

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There is a side of me, that regardless of how much ‘facty’ stuff I learn about our mind, our neurology, and how we humans behave.

I confess to being the ultimate Carl Jung fan as well as believing in our ancestral gods.

I believe in a meaning to living, and something bigger than me.

I believe in more than coincidence, I believe in synchronicity. I believe there is so much more going on in our metaphysical and physical ‘reality’.

I believe there are ‘signs’ from elsewhere in the ‘symbols’ that we see.

As I often show images of how I doodle away flowery mandala-ish designs, to realign my energies and restore something special inside of me, to regain something this world often pulls away from us, our magic and connection to the ineffable.

‘I knew that finding the mandala as an expression of the self, I had attained what was for me the ultimate’
– Carl Gustav Jung

I believe that more than likely what we believe is our key.

That what we pay attention to, is what we will receive. That there is more going on within this world and it will show us, if we let it be…

I have two images today that I took of the sun, and I am assuming they are some kind of reflective camera trickery, which has lead them to look like flowers.

I am not disregarding the science behind such an image, I am claiming that the scientific feat chose to show itself to me.

A story I love from Jung is of him walking through the woods with a patient, she begins to talk to him about a dream of a fox, as she relays the dream tale, a fox appears behind them and follows them up the path until she has completed relaying this sleeping fantasy.

The fox appeared to join them, for his part in the tale and left when it was over. Of course it added to their discussion of synchronicity, of gods and of symbology.

Whenever you feel you are not enough, whenever you feel empty, know that you are a part of everything, you are fuller than full can be. That within you lies a magic, a miracle awaiting to breathe.

We often say this is all nonsense, but the greatest minds before us were not shy of spirituality. And their theoretical notions display it in all beauty fearlessly.

Allow yourself to be consumed by something, and it will appear in everything around you… trust me.

Here are my suns, my beautiful petalled suns.

The universe wants to remind you, that it is a part of you.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and natureImage may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

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