Thank You.

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We often are told to do a Gratitude list, or have a journal.

As usual, like with most things I have a bit of an annoyance about this, but that is because people are not taught HOW to do it properly.

We have been taught most of our lives to use gratitude as a weapon,

‘You should be a bit more grateful’
‘It could always be worse’
‘Aren’t you glad your not living like that’
‘You will have that and be thankful, some kids have nothing’

Yes, all of our gratitude thoughts have been thrown upon us, and we have not been taught how to simply

‘reflect on enjoying the stuff in our world’
‘being happy because we enjoy what we have’

Then to cap it off we have this hung drawn and quartered look upon materialism which etched with the guilt of those worse off, how can we ever feel good about things.

Then with all of these embedded emotions of guilt, of almost sacrifice, we are told to write down lists as grown ups, of what we are grateful for.

And we set out with these old emotions excited and compile a list, and then we feel bad because we do not feel instantly grateful, instead we feel guilty because we have just shown ourselves everything we should be grateful to have, but we have not been.

Am I encouraging you to do a list yet?

Hahaha…if you were a client I may well suggest this to you. However, I will tell you how to bring gratitude to you emotionally first.

Gratitude is an emotion, it is a feeling, and a pretty bloomin’ marvelous one, in fact it is the only emotions that can cut through all others like a knife through butter.

We have like an emotional scale, which from one emotion another is easily accessed, this can be good or bad, boredom can eventually lead to depression, and calm and content can climb to hope, positivity, enthusiasm, passion, joy, empowerment and thankfulness.

However the boredom to depression scale, with its many forms of jealousy or disappointment can easily be removed with feelings of gratitude, like magic, no climbing or scaling up from one emotion to another, just boom…we are all better now.

We sit, we breathe, breathe in deeply and we allow ourselves a moment of reflection, we decide to reflect on those things that bring us joy, we bring into mind, and into emotion something we adore, and we feel the love and joy we have for that something, and we hold it, then we ask it to circle and hold us, we ‘feel’ every ounce of that enjoyment and we say thank you for this emotion, for this feeling right here, and right now, we give ourselves permission to have joy and appreciation.

And in this state of mind we let flow from us our every sense we have of graceful acknowledgement of the things we set fourth to feel grateful for.

We start with something small and go further and feel more, and before we know it, we are grateful for the emotion of gratitude alone, like we are layering a warm fuzzy feeling of comfort and love on top of each other, with one dreamy state after another carrying us off to the highest emotional bliss one can accept.

Then we write down or list, we write our list in emotional abundance, and this is how a gratitude journal or list such feel…

Beautiful. Happy. Kind. Cared for. Enjoyable. Wonderful. Thankful. Graceful. Glad. Jolly. Homely. Warm. Accepted. In Harmony. Easy. Effortless. Good.Tingly. Well. Calm. Creative. Magical.

Gratitude lists should be written in the emotion of which they intend to exude.

Thank you so much for reading.

 Be Well 

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