Allow yourself some playtime…

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I wonder if every child goes up to every task completely emotionally involved in it, or he just plays.

You see as we get older, so much is invested in trying things out, or so we believe, that we never just side line things, playing to see what happens, the daily world has taught us we need unnecessary drama to gain the completion of everything.

You think those who live their dreams emotionally invest every step of the way, or they take the drama as play, not stress?

I have found more and more, that when I try knew things I am not to think too much of the outcome, or should I say how exactly it ‘plays’ out, but a little about the ideal and goal, then small chunks along the way.

A child gets the lego, and says ‘I am building a castle’ he then gets a few big pieces ‘his dream’, then gets little ones, step by step. Every now and then he may get annoyed if a piece does not fit as he wishes, but mostly the ‘vision’ is just taken for granted.

Well, you may say, ‘but, he has a tub of lego’.

Yes he does, and you have all of the skills that your life experience has given you so far, you have confidence in something you are good at, so you ARE CONFIDENT, you have achievemed the things you have completed so far, so you CAN ACHIEVE, you have the ability to adapt, because you have had to in the past, you ARE ADAPTABLE, within you lies every resource you need to accomplish something.
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The child does not say ‘well, what if this lego does not fit there, what if my hand and mind can not think to turn it and place it where it should be’.

No, the child picks up several or more blocks of lego, and tries each one, patiently, you will find the child only gets frustrated when the right piece for some reason does not want to stick in properly, or it knocks another one out.

The point is, when we begin ‘playing’ at something new, building our own little castle, whatever it may be.

First we must want to enjoy it.

Secondly we must not overthink every single block, and trust that the pieces we will need will come, this comes with trusting our abilities, and our intuition.

Thirdly we must realise that sometimes we will put big ass blocks in our own way, stopping us from getting the next piece laid, this is not because we should not continue, but simply because we got excited and ahead of ourselves, and we just need to go a few steps back to come forward. Eagerness brought you to this point, don’t now use that resource to stop you, identify it as a skill, and a weakness when neceassary and carry on.

Fourthly, we must be willing to keep putting in new blocks, if the blocks in our hand do not fit, we must also be willing to ask our siblings for a couple of blocks, barter and exchange, negotiate well, sometimes we will have the opportunity to trade beautifully and in harmony, but the times we cannot we learn valuable lessons about communication and human behaviour, of ourselves and others.

And fifthly and finally, when our castle is built, it may not look like a castle, but it will have a roof, a wall and the things inside we need, so instead of shitting all over our efforts we should be happy that we have never built this castle before, but that everyone who needs a bed, has a bed, so all is good.

If we learnt, as a child to learn to play with our goals, to play with our dreams, to play with our learning, living, ability to get on with others, instead of taking everything so seriously, well, we may just build a pretty amazing castle.

Oh, and yes, lego really hurts if you stand on it, but if we ensure we clean up the things everyday that could hurt us, put them out of the way so we can walk around relaxed then things are easier, we need to take time to unwind in ways that are good for us, and fit us. Getting too emotionally invested in the smallest of our dreams is making ourselves stand on lego every time we play with it, it takes away all of the fun. Learn to be easy about exploring your ability to create and learn, let yourself play.

So start side lining something that you want to do, you may just build a castle you never thought you could.

 Be Well 

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