Words help us weave a future of possibility or unlikelihood.

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They took 39 patients in for a hysterectomy and gave 19 of them cassette recordings of Positive suggestion whilst they were under the effects of anesthetic during their operation.

The tape played suggestive words, telling the patient how to best give themselves effective after care, they were told that there recovery was dependent on themselves, that they could relax, and the more they relaxed the more comfortable that they would be, they were told their operation was going well, that they were fine and that they would not have adverse effects, they would recover well. The tapes played for 12 minutes and had three different dialogues on repetition.

This research was compiled as the evidence is increasingly supportive of the idea we ‘hear’ whilst asleep, under hypnosis, whilst under anesthetic, our cortex registers words.

These 19 people spent less time in hospital, had less raised fever and sickness, nausea, increased mobility, less pain, distress, and overall far better than expected recovery than those who did not have a suggestive recording during surgery.

The nurses and surgeons, the doctors involved where not told who had or had not been given blank tapes or suggestive words, so they did not treat patients differently, although they were allowed to guess, and they guessed correctly as the difference was remarkable in some cases.

They were told they would heal well, and they did.

Because of research like this it is suggested that ears should be blocked whilst patients have surgery so they do not ‘hear’ anything negative which could harm their recovery.

I love the way we think- instead of rolling out cassettes on mass, we will plug their ears so they do not hear the staff whining or making incorrect prophesies of how shit the patient may recover, and of course on a serious note, so they do not hear any complications.

Why would I discuss this?

Because until we fully realise the power of words we are imprisoned by them. Until we free our minds using a limitless language, we are open to being caged by our own mindsets.

If we harness the power of words and allow ourselves to express language in a way that leaves us believing that we are capable, that we are self reliant (this does not mean we do not want others, it means that we get to choose instead of need), that we can cope and explore new ideas and ways of being. That we can evolve past who we are today and become the people we want to be, if we so choose.

Words help us weave a future of possibility or unlikelihood.

Our thoughts are words, and all day long your thoughts run like an engine, suggesting to you constantly who you are, what you can and cannot achieve, what you fear and what you love, what you can learn and what you cannot, how good or bad you feel, whether you will recover with speed or with suffering.

Your constant mind chatter dictates to you all day long.

Change the recording, change the tape, change the suggestion, change your future.

Still not convinced? Many people under anesthetic were given an order, that during a certain post operation interview, they would, when prompted touch their ear.

They did.

How many times have your thoughts wondered off until you are in a self induced trance, where your negativity is breeding within you and becoming a bigger part? How many times have you set an action in motion because you were in a brainstate that was susceptible to your own bullshit and self torture?

Start brainwashing yourself with something better, because you deserve to use the mind you were given, in its miraculous glory, not in its default setting.

Listen to yourself thinking, what is that you are saying, do you use words that are certain when describing yourself in ways of lack? Start by opening the words up, instead of using fail, use learning, instead of saying useless, say valuable for something else, instead of saying hate this, say this could be improved.

Make little alterations to your language and you make massive alterations to your world.

‘Everyday in every way I am getting better’….

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