Messages of Self Worth

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Our brains pick up messages, that is what we are, that is what we do, all day long we are de-coding messages, prioritising the information that is coming in, is it useless, is it to be noted, can we adapt it to fit our already found information?

Put in simpler terms, if you think you treat yourself as worthy, and feel you are worthy, yet you put everyone else before you, if you scrimp and save pennies, by buying your kids a drink instead of yourself when out, just to save a pound here and there.

I am not saying go out and be a total ass, who puts themselves before everyone else, what I am saying is, be equal to those you love and adore.

Many of us would not think twice of giving those we love something they need, but overthink spending just a little bit on ourselves.

It is really just common sense. If animals see the leader of the pack going without, he aint no leader anymore, he is now the runt, and they no longer listen to him, and it is not because they do not love him, it is because

Messages, messages, messages, what are you telling yourself and those around you about your worthiness?Image result for happy eating alone

I told someone to take themselves for lunch, ‘what is the point in that’ they said, I said, the point is, you do not have to make lunch, you do not have to think about what you will make for lunch, you do not have to wash the dishes afterwards, you do not have to talk to anyone, you do not have to get up and do something whilst you are eating. All you have to do is each lunch alone, without any interruptions at all. You pay for your lunch which is an act of prioritising your needs and worth to yourself, because you are willing to pay for that moment of messaging yourself, that you are worthy, and I am pretty sure you can do it for under a fiver.

Are you not worth a five pound note, to give your subconscious that message.

Now of course, some people do not like eating alone, or the guilt for having this time would torture them to the point that they should not, however, look at your actions.

When are you giving yourself the message- you are not worthy.

Many of you may lunch often, but show other signs to yourself.

Our actions often tell us very many things, I meet men who always say they are confident, yet they do things which imply they have no confidence, I meet women who say they care for themselves, yet they show no signs of self-love in anything they do for themselves.

If you can get it into your mind, that you are a receiver and transmitter, and you take in information all of the time, and that you are always sending yourself messages, messages that you began sending a long, long, long time ago. Which confirm to you, your self-beliefs, and values.

I used money to discuss this, because money is powerful and it imposes and triples our beliefs because it is a necessity and something we all fear not having, those fears are then easily transferred into a personal value, as well as a monetary one.

When I realised I was never buying myself a drink, yet my family had one instead, I started getting a water, or if the money bothered me, I would carry water. That way I am messaging to myself, that I am important. In fact, putting a water bottle in my bag, costs less and is a bigger message, because I am thinking about me, giving myself a moment of importance, telling myself I can have too, and I even get to feel proud that I also save that ‘ever so important pound’…

Many of our beliefs are silly, yet we use them to reinforce silly behaviours, which then give us one big message.


Then we wonder why we feel people do not appreciate us…do you appreciate you, and do you show it?

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One thought on “Messages of Self Worth

  1. Jesus is calling us to do things we could never imagine ourselves doing—if only we conquer our fears. I know the spirit of fear is not by His design. We overcome through His love. What are your fears? Whatever they are, know that Jesus is at the end of it, saying “Come” with outstretched arms.
    Admit your fear to a prayer partner and ask him or her to pray that Jesus help you conquer it. It may take time, but remember He is with you every step of the way.


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