A miracle does not sit comfortably; it shows itself to the world.

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There comes a time when you have to see positivity as the greasing of a wheel, as the firing of a rocket.
One day you realised that you were not making it well, with all of the resources you had so far, all of the things around you and the skills within you, were not enough to get you through.
So you became disheartened, and this world stepped in with its quotes, and phrases and its feel good now and its therapies to allow you a moment to feel better.
And you took them, and you used them, and you changed your perception, and then you stopped.
And then you retreated back into your own cycle, a loop you were stuck in, you sat back in it safely, comfortably and then again became disheartened, you thought the feel good, was enough, but it wasn’t and it isn’t.
We have times in life when things are amazing, and we have times in life when things are not, we also have times in life when we should be moving, but we got scared and we got stuck.
The reason you sought out and desire the positivity is because it was meant to grease your wheels, it was meant to fire your rocket, it was not meant to just make you more comfortable, you sought positivity to help you move, yet you stayed still.
It is a fine line between self-medicating optimism to numb you from the world, and using a feel good now with quotes, phrases, affirmations and therapies.
We do not want to feel comfortable, we want to feel alive, and every time our tree of life grows another branch we are too scared to climb it that little bit higher, but we must, everything is ever evolving, ever growing, ever moving, nothing stands still, even a lamppost is a vibrational soundwave in all reality.
Take the positivity you sought and light your rocket, grease your wheels and climb your tree, your branch is awaiting, and yearly you ignore it as it wilts along with your pretend comfortability.


Use this positive mind-set, to pull you from the position you are in, and rise you, not to keep you still.

I worry with the ever growing world of ‘feel good now’ that we never look to the future, and we never seek our best, we just become satisfied with what is…

What is, was your beginning nudge, because what is, is not good enough.

You think you are not good enough, when the truth is, the world is not, we all know this, our world today is disheartened on mass.

We must honour and climb its trees, and bring our world back to life, and we must use positivity as a tool capable of moving us closer to banishing our fears, not existing alongside them complacent. Let your mind-set be your roots and those branches hold your dreams.

You have grown since your conception, your cells are ever changing, the sunlight within you is ever recharging and the water in your blood has the knowledge of forever, your entire being is a miraculous feat.

A miracle does not sit comfortably; it shows itself to the world.

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