Wake up and smell the roses, you are worthy of your old dreams.

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We become so involved with our own thoughts that we could easily be entranced by them, the first use of the word trance, is associated with mesmerised, or spellbound, these words are also associated with a hypnotic state.

Have you ever been so into your own world, that everything around you disappears, the only place that exists is in your mind.

The sadness of this self induced hypnotic state is this trance is often one of a horror tale fantasy, where we entrance ourselves into a home made movie in our minds of death, despair, destruction and self doubt, it is a delusion which induces feelings of worry, anxiety, sickness, a feeling of no control, it can even ‘numb’ us out, our trance has made us numb to the world, yet highly irritated at the same time, and god help the person who tries to free us from it.

You may be walking along with a friend, a lover, your child, your mother, when in your head you have no awareness of them, physically you have no sense of them, they walk, they talk, they touch your arm, you are not there, you are in your head, when all of a sudden, something brings you back and you realise where you are, ‘sorry’, you say, ‘I wasn’t listening’, may be the way you that you come around if you are in the presence of a friend, or colleague, however, if that person is your lover or child, you may snap, ‘what, do you want? what did you say?’, because they interrupted you from your world of self induced irritation, and that irritation spilled onto them. I mean how dare they interrupt your self induced hypnotic session of complete misery, inducing feelings of panic for no apparent reason?

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Imagine if you walked down the street differently, that your mind paid attention to the flowers, that you felt the sensation of your child holding your fingers, and stroking your palm, that you heard each skip of their feet, and smelled the fresh cut grass nearby, how about you were so involved in someone else’s world, or the nice things in the environment around you, that your mind didn’t get a chance to worry about what might never be, and it allowed you the opportunity to relax, and feel carefree.

As you listened in to their constant chatting instead of pushing away their sounds, blocking them out so you could only watch your own mind movie of misery, that you allowed yourself to listen, not to respond, or to be involved, but to just listen, I mean they are used to being ignored anyway, you may as well do it usefully, the power of observation, is a beautiful gift that gives you feelings of gratitude, and your child is happy to chat to themselves, if you get involved they will only ask for stuff, and you will get irritated again, and want to block them out, and turn to your inner world, this time with the feelings that are inducing the thoughts, that turn your trance into one of misery, its a nice wheel that we keep on turning, eh  , but it doesn’t have to be. Related image

So we walk we listen, we feel, we smell and we hear what our children chatter about the butterflies that they see, how they use their inner world to create something of beauty, how the lady bird is off on an adventure, and it will meet its friends by the sea, that they will eat strawberries and build sand castles and enjoy flying around free, that the clouds will become their bouncy castles, and that the rainbows shine from their feet.

When did that inner hypnotic state, that we shouted about as kids, that ability to fantasise and play, and induce feelings of excitement and creativity, when did that become an audio tape of solitude, of sadness, of something we prefer over all else?

When did our mind stop entertaining us and start torturing us, and when did we train it to become so?

If we decide now and understand now, that we can again train our minds to have a different ‘sense’ about them, then we have to start by changing the input. We must notice what we want, and feed our mind with the fuel that we want it to run on, we must give it the images, and words, and feelings we want it to mull over constantly, your mind is a ‘mulling over machine’, so fill it wisely, fill it lovingly, fill it with excitement and magic, fill it with inspiration, with acceptance, with solutions, with intrigue, fill it with joy and with hope and with faith and with fun, fill it with what you want it to see.

Fill it with more than you could ever think you could be, fill it with the gift of feeling good, feeling good enough, feeling great enough, and let things go easily, let your mind again fantasise and dream, like it was born to be, let the child in you come out, and those thoughts will flood over, you will see.

Just let your mind, be as good as it was intended to be, start filling it with the future, of the self you desire to be, and that self is fed up of being hypnotised and sold short by your fears of being free, each trance that you allow yourself to be tied to is keeping you stuck where you do not want to be, it is chaining you to your old self, and stopping you from growing, don’t you see?

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You are a master hypnotician, making your own inner world a reality, by inducing feelings that are limiting the way that you really want to live and be.


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