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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a goal orientated talking therapy. CBT helps by changing the way we view things, and focusing on how we can solve the problems we are facing at this time, this way we learn how to manage ourselves and our situations better.

We gain the understanding of categorising things into smaller parts and tackling them one by one. When we feel anxious or stressed, problem solving is extremely difficult because our minds logical thought patterns cannot complete a cycle. Our hormonal and chemical unbalance brought by the anxiety/stress gets in the way of us thinking straight.

When we get support to see things differently, we can ease our sense of feeling like we trapped, we then see things in a way which can give us the room for new understandings.

Lisa Marie Life Coaching knows CBT is a fabulous self-help tool because it shows us practical ways that we can focus on solving the challenges we face. We become aware of the resources we have within us, and this gives us the chance to know when and how to use them.

Our coaching uses the ideas of CBT alongside other therapies to find a place to work from, this is the beginning approach we use to gain an understanding of where you are right now, and instead of regular CBT which gives you goals and allows you to make a healing framework for yourself, Lisa Marie draws in her other tools to help this all flow easier.

When a barrier is faced in CBT, like a reoccurring feeling of anxiety which is triggered by certain events within the day, we will use Neuro Linguistic Programming to help review this cycle of events and change it.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy really gets to grips with understanding our own moods, and identifying where we are emotionally and how we can learn to encourage better moods in ourselves to improve our wellbeing. CBT highlights the way we think and encourages us to take notice of how our thoughts work for us.

Lisa Marie Life Coaching is excited about bringing together many approaches that have huge supporting evidence backing up their benefits, and when we use them together, working for your goals then we can amaze ourselves with the progress we make.