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Emotional Freedom Technique was formed from a belief that tapping on the main acupressure points, the meridian points, we can realign our energies and help maintain a better energetic flow.

Eft is a an energy psychology, energy psychologies concentrate upon the energy systems and the effect they have on our overall wellbeing, our physical and mental health.

EFT tapping is used to ease a physical pain or a mental unease, we will give the problem a scale of 1-10 in enormity and tap saying a set up phrase, whilst tapping, until we feel the number is gradually lessening and the feeling of physical pain, or of emotional upset is fading.



In a typical session of EFT tapping, Lisa Marie will take your hand in her palm and with her other hand tap with her middle finger upon your meridian points, if you feel more comfortable doing this yourself, Lisa Marie will ask you to follow her lead and repeat her movements and say certain phrases after her.

Lisa Marie will also discuss the events which may be effecting you at this time, and how we can explore resolving these challenges, EFT can bring us a great feeling of relaxation and calm in which we can look at our issues from a more creative viewpoint and explore ways of helping ourselves in the future.

We may do slight regressions into past experiences which are effecting our present circumstances and gain new perspectives which can help us heal. Perhaps you had a bad experience in a test situation and now find yourself anxious during these events, this is when we would look at the first event which caused such anxiety and how we can review it from who we are today, this is when we would combine Neuro Linguistic Programming whilst tapping to help give us a wider understanding of ourselves.

EFT Tapping allows Lisa Marie as a practitioner to bring another dimension into talking therapies and NLP, which can help things move faster, combining therapies together allows in the sensitivity, calm, and results my clients deserve.
guided eft meditations

If you are in the mood for a one off appointment EFT in a guided meditation, then you can also book in for a one to on treatment.