Life Changing Group Workshops

life changingws
Lisa Marie Life Coaching offers new and exciting workshops throughout the year which can be found on our events face book page and updated regularly.

Group workshops are renown for building lasting friendships and helping people discover new sides to themselves. The content of our group workshops are to raise confidence, feel good, work on limiting beliefs, and find lasting techniques and strategies to embrace your life fully.

If you have decided upon a date and booked yourself in, you can use the payment sections to ensure your bookings are confirmed.

Each workshop will include light refreshments, who am I kidding, they will include some very heavy refreshments, with creamy coffees and big fat cakes!

Workshops £15 Per Person.


Group Workshop Single Ticket

Make a payment for a group workshop ticket. This will allow you take a seat on our upcoming event or you can get three friends to purchase their own ticket and choose from our popular list of workshops and choose your own time space.


The Power Of Words Workshop: Learn the effect our thoughts have on how we feel and what we can or cannot achieve.

Thankful Thinking Workshop: Transform the way we feel about life, how we react in situations and how gratitude is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Miraculous Mind Workshop: This workshop is for those with a passion for brains. Yes, I am calling out for real zombies who really want to absorb information about our neurology, our subconscious and how we can get the best from our brain.

Making Our Own Moods: How we can learn to identify our moods then enhance them. Gain the ability to not only control your mood in the moment but to create it at firsthand.

The Power Of Symbols Workshop: Learn the effect that Symbols can have when reaching goals. How symbols allow our subconscious to receive an instant message about what we want to achieve.


Using symbology to create your own unique goal orientated key-ring. You will gain an understanding of why symbology works, how it appears around us and how we take this the ultimate affirmation, resulting in an optimistic auto suggestion of goal completion. This workshop is £30 per person.

i am happy key ring


Symbology Key-ring Work Shop

An introduction to symbology, what it means, how it works. The information will be taken to create a key-ring for you. You will be e-mailed three designs to pick from, and then your key-ring will be posted to you within 9-14 days.


Affirmation Mind Movie Work Shop: taking a little time with each person after having a group chat and some light refreshments, we will customise a list of affirmations to each person and create an understanding of which colours shapes, and objects emotionally charge us in different ways, so we can pair this with our affirmations. This then creates a really good feeling when watching the video and engages the entire brain is on the look out of how it can accomplish these wishes.
The Affirmation mind Movie may be alike this one, but of course catered to your vision.
This Workshop is £50 per person, the video will be handmade and a digital version e-mailed to you within 9-14 days of your workshop.


Affirmation Mind Movie Work Shop

You will be given an introduction to affirmations, how they work and how to form them. We will work on which ones to use for your video and then we will get a picture of which images and colours would be best suited to get a really great feeling from you for the mind movie.