Mandala Inspired Workshops

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The Mandala Inspired Workshop which I call ‘Be Flowing’ has its own little Facebook page and my artwork for sale on Etsy .

This creative little group is definitely becoming a firm favourite and a regular gig. The amazing styles that are bouncing out of people is absolutely beautiful to watch.
Of course though, me being as I am, have to let you in on what this does for your mind, and it does a lot,  it produces serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, and norepinephrine, in other words lots of happy brain chemistry stuffs.

I believe this kind of artwork helps cognitive function and gets your right brain involved a little with the left, this forms a synergetic harmony in where your brain is pretty much at one.

Why do I think this?

Your right brain is creative, intuitive, and overall more ‘feely’ than the left, the left brain is, logical, analytical, organised, planned and detailed, a bit more fact finding. When we create these mandalas it becomes clear that pretty soon we are bringing together a repeated decorated design, organising and structuring symmetry and adding tiny details in formations, colour coding and securing a holistic patterned image.

What happens when we get a brain which has two, both the left and right hemispheres, working so well together?

Amazing stuff! Mind Maps are based on the idea of Radiant Thinking, that everything we sense has a representation (kind of on the same understanding of NLP), however the main premise, is that the mind does not work in a straight line, and in more of a flowing chaotic pattern of numerous (uncountable) connections.

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A Mind map is when you get the thoughts out of you in the desire to remember and plan them, so you use this tool as a planning strategy. People believe that using these maps get you in touch with your inner genius by allowing ideas to flow from you as you literally draw and write out your mental process, somehow cementing goal progress.

I believe the inspired Spirograph mandalas do the same with emotions, and as we flow out of us this mass of unravelling uniformed but creative, structured but wavering piece of work, is allowing great inner peace work and healing.

A broad statement I agree, but have you heard of cymatics?

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Cymatics is the visual representations of sound, it is being able to see what you hear, which would fully support NLP and Radiant thinking in there theoretical approach that we intake information ans have a visual representation for it, and that getting that visual representation out, helps us solve problems, plan better and release tensions.

I will now take this a tiny bit further because, well, I just love ‘connecting’ and making chaotic ‘associations’ 😉 The thing is water is the best conductor of energy, of vibration, of sensory information.

Here are some images from the late Masuru Emoto, showing how words are picked up by water, and that he believes water holds memory.

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The memory creates a visual representation in the water droplets, of course we could say that he chose the best images as a critique and don’t we all when taking selfies lol, still I do not think that because of this, his hard work should be discounted.
Check out this video from an Ikea campaign to show their results of his ideas;

Why, am I putting all of this together in this way? I mean what has a plant full of water, a conductor of energy got to do with Mandalas?

We are mostly water.

Image result for you are up to 70% water

Because when I sit down and just allow myself to Be Flowing, something magical happens, the spirally swirly world of sensory just pops out of me.


and then a very peaceful me, just pops in, almost like I managed to cleanse something. This is why I choose to share such a beautiful activity with others in the name of wellness, to give them such a wonderful opportunity to be in tune with themselves and perhaps even more ❤

You did know the main meaning for ‘well’, is a holding of water didn’t you?

Be Well Xx

Mandala ‘Inspired’ Workshop

An introduction into creating mandala/zentangle inspired doodles. You will be given an artist sketch pad, gel pens, compass, pencil, rubber and large pencil case to keep your starter kit together all together during your first session. Light refreshments included.