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Neuro Linguistic Programming is a psychotherapy tool which has been trained to practitioners all over the world.  Helping people overcome addictions, get rid of phobias, see themselves differently, understand how resourceful they really are and getting very, very, specific about their goals whilst learning tools to ease their anxieties.

All of these challenges that people face can be managed in minutes by simply understanding the sensory information a person holds upon a certain feeling.

It is magical how quickly a limited belief can shift and a perception is transformed in the blink of an eye.  NLP is a conscious hypnosis, it is asking for the unconscious mind to help support us in new ways of thinking and being.

The method behind NLP is that within us are the pictures, sounds and physical feelings, which come with every emotion we hold. When we can see, feel and hear that emotion, we can take that sensory information and adapt it to make things feel better, become achievable and lose the anxiety associated with them.

NLP is huge log of formatted steps, like a big bakers recipe manual, only for the brain and not for flour and eggs, we have the opportunity to use many recipes to create miracles within your way of thinking. This is where Lisa Marie gets excited, this is her ‘thing’, we all have something which makes us come alive. Even in the most tired of moments, we can become interested with a renewed energy which can make us unable to put a book down.

As Lisa Marie has mentioned with all of the tools in her kit, the reason why they work so well together, and NLP is no exception. Without talking therapy, EFT and some wonderfully crafted symbols and affirmations, NLP could be accused of being a quick fix, when combined with other therapeutic tools from a practitioner who has great listening skills then NLP is the miracle it was intended to be.


If we have a phobia that formed from a very upsetting life incident it would benefit from going through this in more detail and attach the sensitivity of EFT tapping, CBT & Counselling skills, instead of just using a speedy fast phobia cure from the NLP toolkit.

Lisa Mare Life Coaching is about identifying your individual needs and resolving your challenges in the best way for you.  When we face barriers that could take weeks to overcome, as part of an overview of styles the Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques can speed things up fast and used with the sensitivity of counselling skills, positive and energy psychologies like EFT, this tool is a warm valued part of therapy.

Lisa Marie understands that using the right tool at the right time can help people grow fast and prides herself on understanding the sensitivities involved in using quick strategies or longer more sensitive approaches.

We want the best outcome for your life goals, not for this moment or this week, but for your entire life.