Student Support


We will use my regular toolkit of NLP, EFT & Symbology alongside focusing and planning to help ease those sudden worries a student can get, we can remove our fears of presentations, and even rehearse them together.

We will enhance our learning styles and memory and organise the structure of our time, our lessons, assignments and dissertations.  We will gain an understanding of our own learning style and how we can improve our memory and learn easily.

Take note that this support is not directed to your subject, and does not give you support with learning a particular academic discipline. This Student mentoring is to help you learn how to research, understand how to format essays, how to deliver presentations, to cut down the jargon involved when becoming a student, and above all to give you the tools you need to access a relaxed super learning states where you can investigate your chosen subjects easily and effortlessly.

If you expect this student mentor to sit down with you are discuss a mathematical equation, rest assured she just used the spell checker to even write equation. I support and mentor you to be an ideal student with some great mind tricks to help you evolve.

One to One Student Mentoring at £50.

Student Mentoring

Helping you with your nerves, organising your time and getting you prepared to learn.


Proof Reading outside of session time is at an additional cost at the hourly rates.

Feel free to read a few tips for new students here.