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Lisa Marie Life Coaching uses Symbology to help people meet their desired goals. We again blend together all of the therapies to ensure we get the symbol that is right for you. We go into your subconscious to find out what colours, shapes, feelings, visions you associate with certain emotions, so we can use that alongside goal setting by creating a logo with a little crafty pyschology.

Many an athlete and business man will use the power of an affirmation (this is where we take what we want from life, and we put it into a goal, a desired outcome, and then we put it into the now), Lisa Marie then takes this further by taking that affirmation into a symbol for personal and professional development. Our unconscious mind reacts 87% faster to an image than a word, when using affirmations. We are talking directly to our subconscious mind about our desired outcomes in life.

Within our unconscious mind our auto pilot actions, our non thinking skills live, breathing, walking, noticing things, reacting to things, seeking things and behaving resides, this is where re programming needs to take place. There are four ways to alter the subconscious thought patterns which create all of our behaviours, hypnosis, energy psychology, high impact events and repetition. Symbols therefor become the greatest repetition our minds can absorb.

From cavemen to Admen they have known the secret of imagery, and how it can be used to ensure that the intended goals are met by the persons unconscious mind.

The power of symbols surpasses the power of all verbal communication systems and can help us achieve what we want at an extraordinary speed.