“Lisa stumbled into my life through a Facebook post that appeared one day on my feed , must have been fate and as I read the post and thought “why not “.
I had been feeling pretty low for months and was struggling to get out of the perpetual negative cycle I had found myself in, but wasn’t sure how I had ended up there in the first place , I messaged Lisa claiming I was an “Emotional Nut job “ and not sure she could help but willing to give it a go.
My visits to Lisa have been amazing she listens and questions your thoughts to help you to turn the downs into ups. On one occasion I walked out a of her door feeling taller and glowed with confidence.
I now see Lisa when I feel the need and when I start to let those worries get on top of me, but everyday practice the techniques she has taught me.
Lisa I thank you for helping me to rediscover myself and my true inner confidence but most importantly for giving my family “ ME “ back .
I am now a “happy emotional nut job that enjoys life again “ x x

“My son walks into the dentist and sits straight down…. Lays back..… Dentist does work n my son is smiling and happy….. Prior to two sessions with Lisa Marie my son was in tears for five apts in a row due to a severe needle phobia… Thank you so much Lisa for helping my son n healing this phobia.”

“I would like to thank Lisa Marie for helping me pass my driving test.
I failed the first time due to nerves and fear of failure.
I have never been too open to alternative therapies but she told me a bit about what she did and I thought I would give it a go.

Well I was amazed, after my first one to one visit I felt positive about my next test and not afraid. On Monday this week I passed my driving test.
I was confident and knew I was going to pass before I walked in the test centre.
Lisa Marie has changed my life, I thoroughly recommend her and her life coaching.”

Thank you for all of your help getting me thinking differently, I have now put things behind me because I see them differently, it has changed me and how I deal with people. You have made me see things in a new way and I feel content now.
Thank you Lisa Marie for letting me in on all you know, I will never forget what you have taught me and am so happy I came to you. I still spot purple leaves everywhere, a constant reminder that what I look for I will find,
you showed me how to look for me and that is something that money cannot buy, even though in this case it did lol
Worth every penny.

When I went to see Lisa Marie I instantly felt comfortable and safe around her which is important, you need to trust her. The time I was with her was very enjoyable and it really helped me on my journey of getting over my fear.
Lisa doesn’t push you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with and always puts your well being first, I highly recommend going to Lisa for you phobias.



When I first met Teresa, she just needed a good reminder that she could trust her own (very clever and compassionate) judgement, it was a wonderful feeling when she called me her ‘little guru’ sitting comfy on my sofa.
It has been an absolute pleasure to work for you, when you also allowed me to work with your daughter for a brief exam confidence session, I could not have been prouder or more happy to assist, knowing that you felt I could be of benefit.
I have never been around a lovelier ‘nut job’ in my life!
Thank you Teresa for your review, it really means a lot that you would sum up your time with me in such a beautiful way.

I have known Melissa for years as a friend, so helping her son in a professional way was a new stage to our friendship. I cannot thank her enough for the faith she has put into me since I have begun this journey, it was an amazing session with her young man, he is a complete star, and has awoken an interest in me to progress my career with younger people, this is why I now offer support to children from the age of 9 and up, just because of my fabulous experience with him, I have never laughed so much during a phobia session.
Thank you Melissa for adding this testimonial, I appreciate all of the support you have given me over these last 14 months, I am lucky to have you in my life.

I knew Sue from shopping where she worked, she would often chat at the check out briefly and had mentioned the nerves she had when doing her driving test, I told her I could help her, and she gave me the opportunity to do so. She sent me a message after her test saying she had passed and was so grateful. I am happy that she let me help, this is now one of my favourite sessions to do, and I base each one on how
well ours went together.
Thank you Sue for telling people your experience with me, it is very helpful for others to gain an understanding of what I can do.

It has been a lot of fun working with you Nicola. I went past you on the bus a few weeks ago and you was strolling along, not a care in the world, smiling, and it filled me head to toe with joy, you were sent to me from another client, which is always a great feeling.
I really enjoyed the way you soaked up information and borrowed nearly all of my books, and came back for your next session having read them and asking questions!
Thank you Nicola for your lovely comments, It was such a joy to help you, find you, I am honoured.

What can I say Alisha, possibly my most emotional journey so far, we had a lot of work to do, and you put in so much effort in transforming yourself, I really could not be prouder of you. Because your phobia was a daily chore, facing it head on like you did, and turning around your self talk, habits, and then learning and applying new skills to manage yourself, every day. You absolutely amazed me.
Definitely an experience I will never forget and could not be prouder of sharing your journey with you.
Thank you Alisha for adding your thoughts, it is really wonderful to see things from a clients point of view.