Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

1122 ww


Why Do You Need Workplace Wellbeing Workshops?
Increasing Your Staffs Wellbeing Decreases Your Staff Absences and increases productivity.

Bespoke Material alongside the Five Ways To Wellbeing Lisa Marie Promotes

Light Refreshments throughout the day

Lunch Included

Detailed Report of How the Workshop Meets The Wellbeing Charter Criteria, Helping You Get Those Five Stars.

There is a growing body of evidence to show the financial
benefits enjoyed by organisations that implement wellbeing
programmes, including reduced sickness absence,
improved productivity and reduced staff turnover

Our Workplace Wellbeing Workshops are designed to meet the requirements within the well being charter. The focus is upon stress reduction and positive mindset to alleviate overall suffering from work absence to the employee and employer due to stress related illness.

You will be given a printed report which highlights the workshops content and how this integrates with the well being charter. The full document will contain quotations from the charter and the correlations found in this workshop.

Small Businesses do not always have the finances to put forward the support that they are expected to give employees in today’s shared responsibility world.

There are five main elements to each workshop:

Making Our Own Moods:
Introducing the concepts of synthetic happiness and synthetic unhappiness.

Thankful Thinking:
Shows the difference of feeling gratitude and listing what we should feel grateful for.

Changing Our Chatter:
We look at our internal dialogue and how we can train it to motivate us and help us achieve our goals.

Miraculous Minds:
Exploring the unconscious mind as a powerful tool.

Synergy & Symbols:
Mind Mapping for success and using symbols to get results.

Alongside these elements which increase happiness and teach us tools for reducing stress, there will be bespoke material which is added to cater to your business needs. For example, team building skills, communication role play or mindfulness, these will be dependant upon what you need at this time and are only a guideline ideal, we are happy to research current literature and focus upon the topics you desire.

The Wellbeing Workshop is unique to Lisa Marie Life Coaching with additional content to reclaim the balance your organisation needs with the extra information which is designed for your company alone.

The Workplace Wellbeing Workshop is one complete day of tips, techniques, activities, strategies and the latest research into positive and energy psychologies.

This workshop is £69 per person.


Workplace Wellbeing Placement

Make a payment for a one person placement on our Workplace Wellbeing Workshop. Lunch and light refreshments throughout the day are included.